Après moi le deluge

Today’s picture shows Maisie’s father practising the sort of behaviour he will need when she is a little bit older and asks if she can stay out late.

yellow card

The forecasters are making sure that no one shouts at them for saying that the weather is going to be better than it actually turns out to be.  As a result, we are being deluged by very gloomy forecasts at the moment.  In real life we had a breezy but pretty dry morning, apart from a few flurries of light rain and I took the chance of a pedal.  The wind was pretty brisk and the skies ominous so I adopted my bad weather option and skulked along the relatively protected valley bottom, up and down to Wauchope School three times.

Although a bit unadventurous, this plan did give me a break from battling the wind at regular intervals which was most welcome.  I didn’t entirely escape the rain which pursued me down the last three miles but it was not enough to dampen my usual cheerful (when cycling) spirits.

After six consecutive days cycling, I was feeling rather stiff so after a light lunch,  I relaxed into a hot bath and did the crossword.

When I got out, Mrs Tootlepedal had gone off to an embroiderers’ meeting and as it was dry outside, I went off for a short walk.

I started by going round the garden to see if any flowers had appeared.

You could almost say that this crocus was out.
The camera makes a poor effort of showing off the snowdrops as it sees so much more than the eye does.  Mrs Tootlepedal is inspired to try to clean up the path.

Once again the skies were ominous so I took a sheltered path along the river and kept an eye out for fungus.  My fungus spotting skills have improved a bit and I saw two sets which I had passed by without noticing on previous walks.

bracket fungus
Some sort of bracket fungus
Might this be tricholomopsis rutilans? The tree was down the bank and I couldn’t see the gills.
flammulina velutipes
I think that this might be flammulina velutipes or velvet shank

I left the riverside and walked up a track through the wood which was looking very wintery.

In the spring this should be carpeted with bluebells.

There was more fungus to be seen beside the path along the top of the bank.


I must say that looking out for fungi makes an otherwise familiar but rather dull winter walk a lot more fun.  My thanks go once again to the New Hampshire Gardener for opening my eyes.

One thing that caught my eye although it was not fungoid was the pattern on a fairly new tree stump.

tree stump

Half close your eyes and you can see many fantastic shapes there.

A cypress tree has been blown over near the war memorial in the park and the workers have come and sawed it up.  When you look at the neat shape of these trees, it is easy to miss the fact that they have many different trunks as you can see from the sawn stump.


I managed to get home before the rain set in for the rest of the day.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing anything but watching the inevitable defeat of Scotland by England in the six nations rugby tournament.  It was a wise decision.

I read a powerful feminist article in the newspaper today so in the interests of gender equality there are two flying chaffinches today, female (first of course) and then male.

flying chaffinch

flying chaffinch



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15 thoughts on “Après moi le deluge

    1. Mrs Tootlepedal doesn’t like them clustered in a semi circle round the war memorial but a tree is a tree and it is sad to see one blown down.

      We won’t get any better results until we change the team management it would appear.

  1. I think the gilled mushrooms on the tree trunk are one of the Mycena mushrooms rather than Tricholomopsis. Possibly Mycena diosma, but there are so many it’s hard to know for sure. In any case I’m glad that you’re having a good time finding them. That’s far more important than identifying them!
    The others do look like velvet shanks but I’m not sure about the brackets.
    I love that cypress stump.

  2. I’m glad the rain didn’t cause you too many problems and you saw some fungi. Here the sun seems to be trying to trick me into going out just so the fluffy white clouds can suddenly turn black and dump rain on me. I’ve got their measure though 🙂

  3. You have opened my eyes to fungi! Your snowdrops are spectacular. Wonder how many years they took to clump up like that. I need to buy many more of the affordable ones.

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