Too late

Today’s picture is another view of Prague taken by my elder son from the top of a high tower.


The sun was out for a while early on in the day but I was too lazy and by the time that I had got up and had breakfast, it had disappeared and light rain was falling.  I took this as a sign and retired indoors and spent some fun time putting the parts for an SATB version of A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square into the computer so that Mrs Tootlepedal and I can practise some of the awkward moments in the arrangement.

Owing to the number of twiddly bits and triplets, this took me all the time that Mrs Tootlepedal was off singing in the church choir and some more.  When I had finished, it was time to make a pan of lentil soup for lunch.  While it was cooking, I had a moment to look out of the kitchen window and fortunately the day brightened up a bit just at the right moment.

It was still very windy and the chaffinches had to take care to spot their landings on the feeder….

chaffinches landing

…if there was a spare place at all.

chaffinches bickering

Knowing that some readers prefer less restless shots, I got a couple of chaffinches to pose for the camera.

chaffinch on perch


We were visited by a wood pigeon who came for a look around…

wood pigeon

…but didn’t stop.

I ventured out into the garden in search of flowers.

Raindrops on snowdrops
Lots of crocuses are showing now
Pulmonaria near the feeder.

At this stage, the weather got pleasant enough for a walk  (it was too fiercely windy for a pedal) but, as happened last week, this coincided with the time for departure to Carlisle to sing with our choir there.

Luckily the choir session more than made up for any disappointment at missing a walk.  Our musical director was absent but his deputy was enormous fun and provided us with a lot to learn and think about as we went through our pieces.  There can be few community choirs in better hands.

It was still light when we came out of the choir practice and the lengthening evenings are definitely helping to dispel the winter blues.

Following my reformed dietary programme, I had a plate of roasted vegetables for my tea.  Though I hate to say it, they were tastier than a dish of mince and tatties.

I officially became old a week or two ago when I finally purchased an electric blanket and with snow forecast sometime over the next few days, I might be spending a lot of time tucked up in it.

Meantime, here is the flying bird of the day enjoying his moment in the sun.

flying chaffinch



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36 thoughts on “Too late

  1. Beautiful clarity on the pictures. We’re still buried in snow here in the northeastern US – it’s nice to see spring flowers starting to emerge in your part of the world.

    1. Our media has rather lost interest in your weather at the moment because of our floods in the south but you seem to be having a very long cold time of it.

    1. Strangely, although Mrs Tootlepedal and I are both trying to cut down on potatoes, she has just bought a lot to plant so the answer to your question is probably not.

      1. Even if the cat didn’t waken me I am up around 5.30am. I worked in a university where everyone was in about 7.00am so I got into the habit of getting up early.

  2. I cannot pick a favorite photo, love them all. I do love seeing the crocus blooming, I miss mine left in the ground at our previous home. They were always the first of my Spring blooms.

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