A little blue sky thinking

There are two guest pictures today as they show a large eucalyptus tree which was felled by the wind in my daughter’s garden in London last night.  The tree fell into their neighbours garden but luckily seems to have missed doing any damage to buildings.

annies tree2

annies tree

Exciting times!

It was more dreary than exciting here as we woke to steady rain which continued until lunch time. Mrs Tootlepedal and I turned our minds to making marmalade out the oranges which I was given a day or two ago.  This is a simple but lengthy business and filled up the morning nicely.  By the time that I had put the mixture into jars…

Should the donor of the oranges care to call round, a jar or two would be hers for the asking.

…it was well into the afternoon and the sun had come out.  This encouraged Mrs Tootlepedal to go for a cycle ride so we headed off up the Wauchope road.  The sun was a bit of an illusion because there was an unseen but strong and very chilly wind in our faces and we soon turned back.

I took a couple of pictures on our way to show off this rare moment of sunshine.

Wauchope School
Wauchope Schoolhouse looking very snug tucked in among the trees.
A large sheltered puddle showing the effect of the morning’s rain but amplifying the amount of blue about.

The sharp eyed Mrs Tootlepedal noticed this fine fungus by the road side.


I wondered if it might be a lactarius rufus but it seems to be the wrong time of year for that.

By the time we got home, the sun had gone behind the clouds and the light was poor so I abandoned the idea of a short walk and shot Mrs Tootlepedal approaching some snowdrops with suitable precautions.

Gardening with care
You never know when a snowdrop might jump up and attack you.

I went in to test the final bit of Mrs Tootlepedal’s ginger root cake and have a slice of the sourdough bread with the touch of rye flour in it.  Both passed the taste test with flying colours.  Turnip has never tasted so good.

Just to annoy me, as soon as I got settled down to watch a bit of curling, a nice sunset appeared.  These have been few and far between this year so I got up again and went out to look at it.

It looks peaceful enough but the clouds were whizzing by.
Thick black clouds loomed up.

Tomorrow promises to be a better day so I hope that I can get out and about a bit then.

I did manage to find one moment when a faint ray of light and a bird were in the garden at the same time….


…but birds were few and far between today and the flying bird of the day was flying a bit higher than usual over the garden.







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26 thoughts on “A little blue sky thinking

  1. It seems everyone is having their share of bad weather. Today I spent 21/2 hours shoveling thigh high snow from the deck. My husband is worried the weight could compromise the structure and he had extra duty today. I got more than half done during a light snow fall. It seems my blogs and comments have a theme in common, snow!

  2. WOW she is lucky poor tree the weather has taken it toll but your photos are so lovely as always.

  3. I’m happy to hear that Mrs. T survived the attack of the killer snowdrops!

    What shutter speed did you use to freeze the motion of the wings of your flying bird of the day? 😉

  4. Eucalyptus is a fabulous tree, fast growing and excellent shade, but quite fragile in the wind.
    The orange marmalade looks delicious.

  5. Very sorry to hear about the eucalyptus collapse – very glad it did not do damage to buildings.
    A fine set of photographs and I particularly liked the sunset. Red sky at night should have presaged a fine day today.

  6. Yikes! Too close for comfort! Jan and I were wondering how you and your wife were getting along. We had seen reports on our national news regarding the severe weather over there.

  7. Lucky miss with that huge tree. I’m chuckling to myself with that photo of Mrs Tootlepedal in fear for her life from the snowdrops. I’m sure she was pleased with you for catching that shot! ~SueBee

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