A very small window

Today’s guest picture was taken by my younger brother and shows the two oldest of my three elder sisters walking in Chiswick House Park where he had taken them for a cultural outing.  It was the country home of the great painter, engraver and satirist William Hogarth.

Chiswick House Park

The forecast rain and wind were very much in evidence when we got up.  Mrs Tootlepedal had an early start at work so I was left to mooch about the house for the morning.  I made some sour dough bread with some rye flour in it and it turned out very well by the end of the day but otherwise I was lucky that there was a tricky crossword to fill up the unforgiving hour and the radio to listen to.

There was just enough light to see a bird or two at the feeder…


…and although the wind kept blowing, the rain took a break every now and again so I popped out to see what was in the pond.

Potential frogs
Actual frog

There are about a dozen frogs in the pond but they are very alert and mostly disappear as soon as I approach.  I will need a sunny day to get a mass frog shot.  There was one who seemed pleased to see me.

Perhaps it thought that it was hidden from sight under the little bridge.

When Mrs Tootlepedal got back from work, there was one of the moments when the ran was holding off, so after a quick lunch, we ventured out for a very short pedal.

It was extremely windy going up to Wauchope Schoolhouse but at least the wind had the good grace to whoosh us back home in fine style.

We just had time to inspect the back border for winter aconites…

winter aconites
Two more doing their best. Ninety seven to go.

…before going inside just in time to avoid the onset of some more heavy showers.

We were going to get changed when our friend and neighbour Gavin appeared with a gift of two fine kippers which he had acquired yesterday while on a walk along the north sea coast at Craster.  We received them with gratitude and ate then for our tea.

Neither of us had slept well last night so the rest of the afternoon was devoted to doing nothing except listening to Radio 4, which as so often, was a fount of interest.

In the evening, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to a practice for Me and My Girl in which among other things she is playing the spoons and I went up to the Archive Centre.  I was by myself as Jean was poorly and Sandy was away but I still managed to get a bit of work done.

The forecast for tomorrow’s weather looks much like today’s so Dropscone and I have already cancelled the morning run.  If I can’t sneak out for a short pedal sometime during the day, I shall have fallen behind my schedule.  There may be the chance of a windy ride in the middle of the afternoon.  The Met office have just announced that this has been the wettest winter for many years.  As a sardonic fellow on the radio said, “Well that really was news to most of us.”

I did just find a flying bird though.

flying goldfinch

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23 thoughts on “A very small window

  1. By any chance one of your sisters name is Susan? I have a follower that looks like her. Nice smiling frog you have. 🙂

  2. I l.o.v.e. your potential frog and frog picture. Very very cool. Thanks. If I wasn’t so blatantly stealing from something Steve once said I would tell you that I want them printed, side by side in one frame, and on my wall. That I do, but the phrase is theft so I can’t say it:-)

    1. The rain and slightly warmer than usual temperatures have kept everything very green this year. It seems that autumn morphed into winter and winter is morphing into spring without any great change in anything other than the length of the day.

  3. Very good frog pictures. Sorry about all that rain and hope you get a window today between downpours for your ride.

  4. Love the frogs! Wish I could see Mrs. Tootlepedal playing spoons…I’m trying to recall the last time I saw anyone do that. The flying Goldfinch is great, too. I can relate, we are in the midst of a “wind advisory” as well, after the deluge yesterday.

      1. Being in the “Windy City” I’m never exactly sure what gale force means…but I just went out to the river this afternoon and was bracing myself just to hold my binoculars, so maybe that’s it.

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