A cycle and a song

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew’s trip to Barcelona.  What could the architect have been thinking about when he or she designed this?

Barcelona Gherkin At Night

In contrast to yesterday’s glut of pictures, today was very quiet photographically.  The day dawned brightly enough but the skies soon clouded over.

After a leisurely breakfast, I gave Sandy a ring to see if he would like to try out his newly acquired bicycle on a short run and after a pause, he arrived well wrapped up for the chilly morning.  He told me that he had been out for a ride on Saturday and he was certainly in good form as he whipped up the first hill of the ride leaving me in his wake.  I managed to get him to slow down and we pedalled up to Wauchope Schoolhouse and back.

I had the camera with me but didn’t get it out as it was threatening to rain  and stopping looked like a bad move.  In the end the rain held off until we got home but gave Mrs Tootlepedal a soaking on her way back from visiting a friend after church.

It was raining so hard after we had a coffee and a biscuit that we put Sandy’s bike into the back of the Kangoo and I drove him home.

Shortly afterwards, the rain let up and I went out into the garden.

The first daffodil of the year: I am counting this as being officially out.

The crocuses are full of life but weren’t going to open their petals on such a miserable day.


A euphorbia is obviously enjoying the weather.

The winter aconite check revealed that of the hundred planted, ten are now showing with hints of others to follow.  This is not exactly a good result but the count does seem to be regularly  increasing so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

winter aconites
The new batch

It was too gloomy to waste much time trying to get a good bird shot.


As we were not picking up our friend in Carlisle this week, we combined our visit to the choir with a shopping trip in town  on our way to the choir practice.  This took up the whole afternoon but as it was raining quite heavily, it wasn’t a day when we could have done anything much more interesting than shopping.

The shopping trip went well and the choir practice was hard working and enjoyable.  We are going to give a couple of performances fairly soon as well as entering a choir competition in the summer so our musical director is busy trying simultaneously to develop a repertoire for the concerts while teaching us to sing properly for the competition.

This week was the first time that we have arrived home while it was still light after the choir even though it was raining again and we are looking forward to the arrival of the longer days with great anticipation after such a gloomy winter.

Here is a rather fuzzy  flying bird of the day.

flying chaffinch



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12 thoughts on “A cycle and a song

  1. Heading into our second week of unseasonable cold, I am looking forward to spring flowers when they arrive, but am happy to enjoy your’s vicariously.

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