Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s trip to Brighton.  It shows that a trip to the end of Brighton pier would end with very wet feet.

Hyde Park and various 04.03.14 003

We had a miserable day of weather here, raining when we got up and still raining even harder when I write this in the evening.  I had to go up to fill the feeders at the Moorland feeding station and it was a very soggy business.  There were plenty of birds about but it was too wet to sit outside so I was trapped in the car too far away to see clearly….

feeding station

..and the light was rotten and even a tree sparrow couldn’t tempt me to stay for long….

tree sparrow
Tree sparrow on the right.

…though a couple of pheasants obligingly came close to the car to pose.

The male plumage looks as though it might have been painted on porcelain.
The female on the other hand looks as though it might have been embroidered in thick thread.

I stopped to snap a gorse bush which was adding a little colour to a grey day….


…and headed home.

The incessant rain and the strong wind made photographing flowers uninviting so my only garden flower shot of the day was taken from the shelter of the back door.

The primroses are not discouraged by anything.

I retired inside and got several necessary tasks out of the way.  In a slightly brighter but still rainy moment, I took a break to stare out of the window.

siskins and chaffinches

The siskins and chaffinches were still bickering but the goldfinches tried a little shouting of their own today.

goldfinch shouting
Successful in this case…
goldfinch shouting
…but missing the target here.

The gloom of the day was deepened when the program that I use to put music onto the computer crashed just as I was going to save an hour’s work.  What is the golden rule? Save every ten minutes.  Did I do it? No.

I did make a small frog hunting expedition in the afternoon.

Some lay on top of the water.
Others were more discreet.

In hopes of some better weather to come, I took the speedy bike down to the excellent bike shop in Longtown for it’s annual service but in expectation of more rain, bought a pair of new overshoes while I was in there.

The best thing about the day was that the tiredness which had enveloped me like a heavy overcoat when I got up, magically disappeared during the afternoon and by the time that I went to the Archive Centre with Jean and Sandy in the evening, I was annoyingly perky.  Jean is suffering from  a sore leg but overcame her discomfort without complaint and we put in a power  of work entering the newspaper index into the database while Sandy scanned pictures for our photo archive.  Our next database entries will be for January 1887 and the start of a new year always rekindles our enthusiasm for the task.

A flying chaffinch in the gloom ends this post.

flying chaffinch

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10 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. That is a picture of the famous West Pier. Unfortunately this victorian structure was destroyed in a fire. The government has been trying to figure out a way to preserve what remains, but of course it would cost too much money. Brighton pier (formerly Palace Pier) is just a little bit behind the picture taker. It is still a fully functioning pier with amusement rides on it. Thanks for a another trip down memory lane. I miss my birth place.

    All the best,
    Brett Day

  2. That is definitely spring. I remember spring . . .
    Glad you and the tiredness have arrived at detente. Sorry about the perkiness, but I’m sure it will pass.

  3. Some splendid frog and pheasant pictures in spite of the rain. Glad you felt perkier by the evening.

  4. Your cheerful nature always manages to get the best of you! Glad the day turned out better than it started. The pheasants make for quite a contrast to each other. Lovely shots! ~SueBee

  5. Please share your secret on shaking off tiredness. Good decision on getting the speedy bike serviced while also buying overshoes. As the Boy Scouts say, Always Be Prepared.

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