There have been more exciting days

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother Andrew’s trip to Spain where he did a lot and took a lot of pictures.  This shows Girona, a town to the north of Barcelona.

Girona, lies 35 mins north of Barcelona, by high speed train

We could have done with a bit of Spanish sunshine here today as it was another grey, windy day.  I was in a rather discouraged mood and let tiredness get the better of me and wasted the whole morning doing nothing more exciting than occasionally peering out of the window hoping that it would brighten up enough to take a flying bird shot.  It didn’t.

I had to shoot sitting targets today.  Argumentative siskins…



…and even more argumentative goldfinches.



There were a lot of goldfinches about today.


I did take a quick wander around the garden and found a few hopeful signs.

drumstick primula
A drumstick primula just starting out
A bergenia also just starting to show

The pulmonarias and primroses are unaffected by the wind and rain.



In the afternoon Mrs Tootlepedal snuck out for a solo cycle ride while I lounged about groaning and then we went off to our Carlisle Choir practice.  Our regular conductor was absent but a very fine substitute was at hand and we worked hard.

For the first time since we joined, we were able to drive all the way home in daylight which was another welcome sign of the turning of the year.

No one could accuse of me of doing a lot today and I didn’t even manage a convincing flying bird.  Here’s to a  bit more life and light tomorrow.  (The forecast for the next few days is for steadily increasing winds under grey skies so I am hoping that they have got it wrong.)

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

22 thoughts on “There have been more exciting days

  1. Great to see the drumstick primula, and the hardy faithfuls that don’t care about the weather. I fear that even you can’t be super pedalling pensioner everyday, so it’s got to be good to just relax? Here’s to more sunny days again soon!

    1. In four days to be precise our days will be start to be longer than our nights, a moment in the year we greet with joy….except that Mrs Tootlepedal regrets that it just brings next winter nearer. She is a meteorological misery though.

  2. I wish you better days the rest of the week. The birds looked quite vibrant on the monitor here at the library. I may have to come over here every day.

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