Rain, rain come again

Today’s guest picture shows the fine court house in Liverpool, built when crime was taken seriously and photographed by my brother.

The Court House

The weather here was a crime today, with fearsome winds and heavy rain for most of the day.  It was my turn to fill the moorland feeders and I stopped on the way to do some business in the High Street.  Nearly everyone I met said, “Well you won’t be taking any photographs today.”  I wasn’t intending to take any pictures but after all this discouragement and just to show that it was possible, I took a few through the car window after I had filled the feeders.

One of the many woodpeckers
great tit
A great tit staring morosely at the sodden seed.
A disconsolate pheasant hunching its shoulders against the downpour

I didn’t stay long and was soon back home.

The wet and windy weather had brought out a squad of siskins who almost monopolised the seed feeder in the garden for quite some time.


An occasional goldfinch managed to get a foot in among the siskin squabbles.


The poor chaffinches had to scrabble about on the ground under the feeder picking up scraps.  Luckily for them, the siskins are messy eaters and there was plenty for them to find.

The rest of the day was spent indoors until the early evening when the skies cleared for a while.  I was able to catch a breath of spring (which officially starts tomorrow) in the garden.



During the day, I turned my attention to choir music practice and transferring stuff from my XP computer to my laptop.  This latter task went so  remarkably well that I am expecting to find very bad things happening soon.  The way of computing change is a hard and rocky one.

In the afternoon, I made a sourdough loaf and so forgot my Mediterranean diet that I inadvertently made some gingerbread biscuits while thinking of other things.  In order to make sure that they don’t hang about tempting me for days on end, I have eaten most of them already.

In the evening, I went to the Archive centre with Sandy (Jean stayed at home suffering from the after effects of visiting the dentist) and we both did some useful work.

The wind has calmed down quite a bit as I write this but it is still brisk and it will take several days to subside.  Meanwhile we are going to have colder weather again which will be a disappointment after a week or two of being just under 10 degrees C.

I did get a very blurred flying bird.  I have out it in because I thought the colours looked quite striking.

flying siskin

Afternote:  Dropscone, who thinks my posts are very boring, has complained that I have only put one picture of his granny’s rocking chair onto my posts so far.  At the risk of boring you, here is another.  This is it after its re-upholstery.

drops chair







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31 thoughts on “Rain, rain come again

  1. I’m so happy to see the picture of Dropscone’s granny’s rocking chair, with the new upholstery. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture and the fabric suits it nicely. I can tell that the birds were in a foul mood at the feeder today – they look very quarrelsome. I still can’t figure how you manage to take such wonderful pics even through window or pouring rain. ~SueBee

  2. Boring? Boring! Never let that be said, were it boring would we not transfer aliegence to Sandy’s blog? Fear not it may be many things but Never boring, I refuse to go further on the grounds I would be banned

  3. A thought just came to me, what’s your record for most birds in one photo? I see ten in the middle photo, a nice round number, but I’ll bet that you’ve had more.

    I assume that the only birdies that Dropscone is interested in are the golfing related kind, no one else would find your blog boring.

  4. Not in the least boring and I’m glad you decided to prove the doubters wrong with the photo from the car window. The rocking chair does look nice though.

  5. Langholm is featured on the Met Office rainfall radar maps so I could see qite clearly how the Borders suffered yesterday and as usual I am fortified by your amazing skill at finding, reporting and recording the bright spots in any day. The rocking chair is a wonderful example.

  6. I find your writing very entertaining, your blog always gives me a smile and usually a giggle or two! I thought the first photo of the woodpecker was quite nice. What kind of woodpecker is that? I also enjoyed the shot of the pheasant. We used to have many of them here but unfortunately their numbers have dwindled with development.

    1. A greater spotted woodpecker. We are up to our armpits in pheasants as they are reared for the shooting business.

      I am glad that you enjoy the posts. They are a great pleasure for me to write.

  7. For such a cheerfully-coloured bird, the pheasant is the very epitome of soggy misery. I felt much like that myself on occasion and I don’t even have to worry about being shot come hunting season.

    I love a good rocking chair wouldn’t be parted from mine. Dropscone’s granny’s chair is very nice, but so much so that I might be afraid to use it. Of course, I have always suspected that people in the UK are accustomed to having heaps of fine old furniture around.

  8. Tell Mr Dropscone while his chair is very nice indeed, I disagree with his assessment of your blog. I just realized that as I read it, I am almost always smiling.

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