The stable door proved somewhat fallible

Today’s guest picture shows the fine confection, made by a local chocolatier, which my flute pupil Luke gave as a birthday present to his grandfather.


It was Luke’s flute exam today and although we will not know the result for a few weeks, his accompanist felt that he had played very well so we are quietly confident.

I woke feeling a lot better than when I went to bed but still some way from my peak.  What was needed was a pedal and fortunately Dropscone arrived and we went round the morning run on another very grey day but this time with little or no wind to bother us.  Add to that a portion of treacle scone with our coffee and the cure was complete.

While we were out cycling, Mrs Tootlepedal had also been out again, combining cycling with litter collection.  Retirement is suiting her very well so far.

I spent a lot of the day, which wasn’t up to much weather-wise, sitting glued to a computer.  Sadly, I hadn’t got myself organised properly and my music program crashed again taking a considerable amount of work with it.   I am not quite sure why the automatic back up wasn’t working but when I got round to starting again, I made sure that I saved the work in progress at very frequent intervals myself.

I also spent a little time considering the problems of shifting Mrs Tootlepedal’s netbook from Windows XP to Windows 7.  We have now got all her files onto external media and tomorrow, if I feel really mentally strong, I will install the new operating system.

At intervals through the day, I looked out of the kitchen window.  Although the light was poor, the arrival of several redpolls kept the camera busy.

The siskins weren’t as pleased as I was to see the redpolls. They harangued them vertically…

redpoll and siskin

…and horizontally….

redpoll and siskin

…and even in a square format as well.

redpoll and siskin

Of course the siskins don’t like  anybody very much.

siskins shouting
Some poor third party round the back of the feeder is getting a talking to.

I did have time for one walk round the garden.

This tulip has been waiting for a week for the sun to come out for long enough to persuade it to open.
dicentra and comfrey
Comfrey and dicentra looking a bit depressed with the weather too.
This euphorbia is thriving though.
grape hyacinth
Mrs Tootlepedal has put in some very pale blue grape hyacinths.

I had a check on the tadpole scene.  They too are waiting for some sunshine but there is the odd sign of development.


The redpolls stayed around for quite a ,lot of the morning and posed for the camera from time to time.

Showing the red on the head that gives them their name
And the pink chest that shows it is springtime
And a full length view.

The siskins didn’t stop abusing them though.

siskin and redpoll
This redpoll has been ringed.

The forecast is for rain over the weekend so it doesn’t look as though there will be much opportunity for photography. Expect more blurry bird pics.

In the evening, my mood was raised even further by the arrival of Mike and Alison.  Alison and I did some terrible violence to a number of fortunately deceased composers’ works but enjoyed ourselves a lot in the process.

The flying bird of the day is one of our regulars.

flying chaffinch


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25 thoughts on “The stable door proved somewhat fallible

  1. That musical confection is something special! Wow! I tip my hat to the chocolatier who made it. Hope you get some sunshine soon. I know all to well how the gloomy weather can pull one down.

  2. I admire your bravery dealing with the computer issues. While I tend to eventually manage to fix things I can never figure out or remember how I got there, only the endless frustration stops in between. Your feeder shots are incredible. I hope you get sunshine, you deserve it.

    1. I gave up on one of the computer problems in the end. I took some advice from the internet which said that on balance the trouble and expense require to upgrade a netbook wasn’t worth it and bought Mrs T a tablet instead. I hope she likes it.

      1. I guess it’s inevitable. Well, happened to me too in a way, the machines aren’t designed to keep up with new software and last forever. I hope Mrs. T likes the tablet too and it becomes the perfect solution.

  3. That chocolate is quite impressive! I’ve learned so much about the disposition of siskins from your photos. They do have an attitude, don’t they. ~SueBee

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