Talking legs

Today’s guest picture is another lovely canal shot from Amsterdam.  This is one of my sister Mary’s views.


After the excitement and sunshine of the past couple of days, today was relatively dull in more than one way.  It was cold and grey and windy.  Nevertheless I was thinking of a cycle ride but before I could set out, I got into a conversation with my legs and was quite easily persuaded by them that a day of rest might be a good idea.   The strong wind outside had a hand in this decision too.  If your legs start talking to you, it is often a good idea to listen to them.

Mrs Tootlepedal is made of sterner stuff than me and went off by bike to visit an indisposed choir member to pick up some overdue library scores from her.  As this involved a journey of 16 miles, the first eight straight into the teeth of a very strong wind, I can only take off my hat and bow graciously in admiration in her direction.

In her absence, I entertained Dropscone to coffee.  He had brought the scones twenty miles in his back pack by bicycle for the occasion.  He is cycling well at the moment and as a result of buying a superior bike computer that records his pedalling cadence, he has upped his stroke rate considerably and is whizzing along.

After he left, I was visited by a choir member who has taken on a solo at our concert.  This is his first solo effort and he came for some additional practice with my computer as accompanist.   He is growing in confidence and I am sure that he will do himself proud.

I didn’t get the camera out until Mrs Tootlepedal had returned safely from her journey with the missing library books and even then, the poor light made things difficult.  The birds were eating as though there would be no tomorrow…

busy feeder

…and it was hard to find a solo bird in the mêlée.


I gave up the unequal task and went to put a week of the newspaper index into the database for the Archive Group.  We have had another contact this week from someone looking for her antecedents who had found the database of great use and this encourages us to keep up our work.

I had collected out car from the garage in the morning and so it seemed like a good idea to give it a test run and we took the opportunity to do a little shopping in Hawick, a neighbouring town.

When we got back, the day had brightened up a bit and the birds had quietened down a bit too.



I took a stroll round the garden but the really brisk wind made the flowers hard to catch in a still moment.  I got a few.

A rather battered looking wallflower
drumstick primula
A drumstick primula nearly fully out.
And my favourite tulip thinking about coming out.

The birds weren’t entirely relaxed…

siskin stamping

…but this frog was keeping very calm among the pond weed.


Nearby, a pond skater stopped its restless movement for a second or two.

pond skater

After a nutritious evening meal of haddock, I went off to the Archive Centre with Sandy (Jean was not well and stayed at home)  where we put in another week and a half of the newspaper index.  We rewarded ourselves with a glass of wine at the Eskdale Hotel.  The chief charm of the Eskdale is that there is a small room with comfortable chairs and no television or ambient music playing.  It is most relaxing.

When I got home, I joined Mrs Tootlepedal in watching a potentially interesting programme on soil but it was spoiled by the fact that the presenter emphasised..every….single…word…that…he…said….and the producer obviously had a very short attention span and thought that we all had too.

The weather is due to get back to sunshine tomorrow so a bike ride beckons, legs permitting.

There was no satisfactory flying bird today so this fuzzy redpoll will have to do.


As an afterthought, I find that I meant to put this bee in our garden into yesterday’s post but forgot so here it is today instead.


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23 thoughts on “Talking legs

  1. I also can’t bear being talked down to by presenters on television. Information has to be given in easy to digest snippets as though we aren’t clever enough to cope with complex ideas. I love the photo of the pond skater and the detail of the legs on the water surface. Not very grammatical I’m afraid – it’s been a long day!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am hoping that getting a macro lens some time this year will really let me get sharp pictures of pond skaters and such like.

  2. The photo of the pond skater is excellent, and the birds are entertaining, but I have to give the nod to your sister’s photo of Amsterdam, especially since that’s the home of my forefathers.

  3. Particularly liked the drumstick primula and the tulip. I didn’t see the programme but get easily put off if music is played while people are talking!

  4. I think the bee makes a very satisfactory flying critter of the day, and would like to replicate the comfortable room from the Eskdale Hotel right here in Torch Lake Township.

    I also think Mrs. T. has been giving a lot of thought to all the wonderful things she could do when she retired, and feels sprung forth into the world newborn as it were. Of course she can cycle eight miles into the wind and back again. I can hardly wait to see what she gets up to in the garden this year.

  5. Birds are very hard on one another, aren’t they?! Can’t wait to see that tulip when it finally opens. I’m making encouraging noises, but mine are just barely peeking out of the soil right now.

  6. The birds looked so frantic at the feeder, but that one with his claws in the back of the other one was most irritating! He badly needed a time out. The Eksdale sounds lovely. There’s a very rare place to go without televisions or noise of some sort. It must have been wonderful!

  7. I much prefer to dine at restaurants without a television playing. One of the local establishments with tasty food also has big screen tvs everywhere so I avoid it.

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