Holding the baby

No guest picture today but pride of place to the new arrival who is seen in the arms of her grandmother.  Mrs Tootlepedal seems surprised to find that she is quite used to this sort of thing.


As you can see, we went to Edinburgh to visit Alistair and Clare and their daughter.  It made for quite a long day so this will be a commensurately brief post.

We had some time to kill at home before setting out as visiting hours are strictly limited so we went for a quick pedal up to Westwater and back after breakfast in lovely sunshine and a brisk wind. The briskness of the wind was demonstrated by the fact that it took us longer to get home downhill than it did to get out uphill.

I looked round the garden for a change in the weather was forecast for the end of the day and the sunshine was too good to waste.

A delicately coloured new set of tulips looking good.
The new anemone looking brighter than ever.
A wallflower looking very energetic

The recent spell of dry sunny weather has certainly given the garden flowers a chance to shine.  The garden was full of birds too.

A blackbird was in full voice in the walnut tree.


A chaffinch nibbled a twig on the plum tree.


And a goldfinch enjoyed the sun as much as we did.


A chaffinch applies the brakes as it approaches the feeder.


And a jackdaw surveys the scene.


When the time came, we drove to Edinburgh leaving the garden, the birds and the sunshine behind.  By the time we got to Edinburgh, it was cold, misty and starting to rain.

We were able to ignore the weather in the pleasure of seeing our grandchild.  She was snoozing peacefully in her mother’s arms.  The birth has been very hard work for Clare but we were pleased to find her out of bed and sitting up and as as cheerful as someone who has had an exhausting experience and no sleep all night could possibly be.  Both Mrs Tootlepedal and I were allowed to hold the baby and we were reminded of what a miracle of nature a tiny baby is.  We didn’t want to exhaust Clare completely so after the baby was laid in its cot….

baby in cot

….we left Clare to rest and took Alistair off for a late lunch in the hospital cafe.

Alistair and Clare are still mulling over the perfect name for their daughter.

Although it rained all the way home, we had a very traffic free drive back to Langholm and the day was rounded off for me by being taken to Carlisle by Susan to play with our recorder group.

Rather than write the same ‘thank you’ many times, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time and trouble to make such generous comments on yesterday’s post.   It is very heart warming to have such kindness.

I did catch a flying bird before we left for the big city.

flying chaffinch

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32 thoughts on “Holding the baby

  1. Congratulations on baby’s safe arrival and glad to hear that Clare is feeling better. Love from The Callaghans.

  2. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when holding your first Grandchild in your arms. Congratulations once again to everybody involved.

  3. The picture of Mrs T holding your young grand-daughter must be very special. I think her retirement will be further occupied, as will yours! Wonderful, just wonderful. Many congratulations to you all. 🙂

  4. So glad to read that Clare is feeling better, the baby is gorgeous and Mrs Tootlepedal looks the part of a grandmother to perfection. You took some good pictures in celebration.

  5. Wonderful news that Clare is feeling better, and lovely pictures of Mrs T and the baby. How you had the energy to go out in the evening to play in your recorder group I do not know!

  6. I’m surprised that you took time to photograph the beautiful flowers just after your granddaughter was born, but I’m glad you did. Congratulations once again, she’s just the cutest thing, must take after her mother’s side of the family. 😉

  7. Looking forward to following your adventures in grand-parenting, along with all your other activities! Wonderful news that Clare is on the mend. We are all waiting to hear the special name they choose.

  8. Mrs. T to baby _________: “First you have to work in lots of good quality compost. Your grandpa will give you all you need.”

  9. I’m glad to hear Clare is doing well. It must have done you a world of good to see her sitting up and holding that lovely little girl. Don’t you just want to kiss those baby toes? I’m sure there will be an increasing number of photos from Edinburgh in our future. They must have birds there. And flowers, too, though perhaps not quite so pretty as those yellow tulips. And I apologize if this comment turns up twice – WP is fractious today.

    1. It only came once but is all the more valued for its uniqueness. I expect that there will be some baby visiting in the future but being old and tired, I hope that she will come here as often as possible.

    1. We didn’t do anything ourselves to deserve such generous congratulation but we graciously accept your kind words on behalf of the two that have done the work. Thank you. It is obviously the finest baby in the world.

  10. Congrats on the new baby. Plenty of hair so that when she cycles, she can feel the wind blowing through it.

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