Waiting for the man

Today’s guest picture shows the delightful town of Rye.  It is a town which used to be a port and is now several miles from the English Channel coast.  It was sent to me by my brother-in-law Huseyin.


I couldn’t go for a morning pedal with Dropscone today as Mrs Tootlepedal and I were waiting for a visit from our man of business.  While we were waiting, I had a stroll round the garden.

The first aquilegia of the year.
azalea and rhododendron
A riot of colour
The lilac is more subdued

Our man arrived promptly and we had a thorough discussion of our position and when he left we had the feeling that he was working hard to earn his fees.  We just hope that he knows what he is doing.

Dropscone e-mailed me later to say that he had gone out for a solo pedal and had had yet another puncture.  He had been kindly lent a bike to get home but it was rather small and he claimed that  he kept hitting his chin with his knees as he pedalled along.  Still, he got home and his speedy bike is now having two puncture proof tyres fitted.

After an early lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to help with the driving for the disabled and I had to wait in for another man to arrive.  This time it was a gas engineer, calling to fix our boiler which went on the blink last night.  He too arrived promptly and got the boiler going.  It needs a new heat exchanger and that will arrive next week.

I spent a little time looking out of the window while he was tinkering with the boiler.

siskin and goldfinch
The usual behaviour
Judging distance
A house sparrow paid a rare visit to the seeds.

I also had time for another stroll round the garden. There is colour on every side.

 This is a spirea.
A tulip going out in style.
A bonus on an allium bud
The hostas are just beginning to look their best
apple blossom
Apple blossom

When the gas man had gone, I got my bike out and got ready for a pedal.  As I left the house, a light rain started so I cycled to the top of Callister and came back to the town not wanting a long wet ride.  The rain stopped as I got back so I pedalled on through the town and up to the White Yett.  This is quite a stiff climb of 1.6 miles and I was interested to see how long it would take me.

It took me a long time and as I am thinking of entering a timed event up this hill next week, I will have to have a couple more practices to see if I can avoid disgracing myself.

I stopped on the way down the hill to admire the range of greens in the trees round the town.


I cycled back through the town and  up to Wauchope School and then home to complete a quite strenuous 24 miles.  Just before I got to the house, I had another look at the giant carpet.  It is getting on well and is being marked out as a football (soccer) pitch with strange additional yellow lines.

artificial pitch
Even greener than the trees

Mrs Tootlepedal returned full of enthusiasm for an electric bike which she had tried at the pony driving.  We both think that one of these will come in very handy when our legs stop being able to take the strain by themselves.

A very energetic neighbour has taken on the task of neatening the edge of the dam at the back of our house.  He is doing a wonderful job.

Dam neatening
He has done about half of the task.

I had time to make some macaroni cheese for our tea, take a picture of the first of the clematis flowers above our back door…


..and admire a rainbow over Henry Street….


…before it was time to go the the Archive Centre.   Sandy and Jean are still both below par so I had a lonely evening putting a couple of weeks of the newspaper index into the database without even having the reward of a sociable glass of wine and conversation afterwards.

I am rather late posting today’s effort because I spent some time watching a programme on the women’s Tour of Britain cycle race.  The weather in the south was absolutely foul but, according to the commentators, these hardy cyclists averaged over 24 mph all the same.   It was an exciting stage and I am always at a loss to understand the low pulling power of women’s sport in the British media.

The flying bird of the day is a siskin in determined mood.

flying siskin





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31 thoughts on “Waiting for the man

    1. It looked as though it ought to have been spectacular from the contrast in weather between the back and the front of the house but it was rather tame.

  1. Yes i don’t understand why woman’s sport never gets the same coverage nor the same prizes as the men. Goes for most things women do as well 😦 . Loved the photos of your lovely flowers and birds and wish you all the best for your uphill bike climb. My neighbour has an electric bike. As we live on a hill it comes in very handy 🙂 you still peddle, only not with quite as much effort.

  2. Thanks for being a champion of women’s sports.
    Love the curly hosta leaves, the ladybug, the almost gone tulip and the stunning blue aquilegia. Your neighbour is doing an ace job on the watercourse.
    As I am reading backwards again, I wonder if I will find out what the important man of business is all about!

  3. Where is Dropscone getting his puncture proof tyres from? I’ve been looking for a pair for the last 7-8 years! Like yourself I’ve been admiring the beautiful green hues here in the Neath valley, if only the rain could be banished for a few weeks, it really does dampen the will to be out and about on my bike. As a friend of mine says, “No rain, no beer!”. So the same could be said for those green colours out in the countryside. Oh for a perfect world, eh? Cheers.

    1. I use Schwalbe Marathons and they have been very good to me. They may have a bit of extra rolling resistance but they are well worth it for me as my feeble joints make changing tyres a bit like hard work.

      This may be the best week of the year for green round here.

  4. I love visiting Rye. I like going to Lamb House, Henry James and E F Benson’s home. The weather here yesterday was indeed dire. The local news has featured the Women’s Tour this week and many people have been commentating on the lack of national coverage. Hinckley to Bedford today!

  5. Great photos. You again accomplished more in one day than I can in a weekend. Perhaps it’s the latitude. Love the flowers and Siskin shots.

    1. I think it may be because I am writing the material and I may ignore all the many moments when I am sitting down doing nothing in particular. Being retired gives me all day to do three things which the poor working person has to cram into his/her spare time.

  6. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of a day in your life. You have a very beautiful garden, and your bird shots are impressive.
    Our tiny garden is a late bloomer this year, except for the poor Magnolia, which after a few days of heat, bloomed before the leaves had popped.

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