Mopping and mowing

Today’s guest picture shows a view of the Thames taken from Richmond Hill by my sister Mary.  It is hard to imagine that she was surrounded by the great London metropolis when she took it.

The Thames from Richmond Hill

Although I had enjoyed my cycling yesterday, I was back in trouble with my hip today and spent a very quiet day at home as a result.  It didn’t stop me walking about and doing one or two useful tasks but it was sore and my natural tendency to moan at every opportunity was given free reign.

I spent some time putting a warning about trichomonosis onto the Making the Most of the Moorland website.  This is a disease that affects garden birds and we have seen quite a few cases of birds with it at our feeder recently.   Having read the notes, it has become plain that I need to take more trouble to keep the risk of infection to the lowest possible level.  I have been washing my feeders regularly but that in itself is not quite enough.

If any local readers want to know more, they should visit the Making the Most of the Moorlands  website and follow the links there.

As sitting down makes my hip worse, I spent a lot of time wandering round the garden, sometimes with a mower to lean on and sometimes with a camera.  By the end of the day, I had mowed all three grassy areas and taken a lot of pictures.

The theme of the day seemed to be pistils and stamens…


…and flowers beginning with the letter a.

astrantia and aquilegia
Astrantia and Aquilegia

Though I did advance through the alphabet as time went on.

Allium, cornflower and willow

I couldn’t help myself and took yet another picture of the most decorative plant in the garden.


Two new white flowers have arrived….

London Pride
London Pride
A geranium

I put some straw round the strawberries and started put the netting on them while Mrs Tootlepedal constructed her sweet pea cage.  Unless she goes for top security on peas and sweet peas, the sparrows nibble them to death before they get properly started.

I didn’t spend much time staring at birds today though I enjoyed a pair of doves in the plum tree.


The wing nuts on the feeder poles were of great interest to our visitors.

A goldfinch takes a close look
And a sparrow takes a longer view

In the afternoon, Mrs Tootlepedal combined a visit to help with the disabled driving with a trip to the council dump.  As she got a go on an electric bike at the driving and a nice young man came to help her dispose of her rubbish at the dump, she had a good time.

Sometimes I think that I spend too much time too close to my subjects so in the evening, I took some wider views of the garden to put things in perspective. The garden is divided into three sections, side by side in front of the house.  Two of them are given over to decorative planting.

The front Lawn in May
The front lawn and borders
middle lawn in May
The middle lawn with the plum tree on the left.

Mrs Tootlepedal has been cutting back the hedge at the entrance to the front lawn…

Hedge cutting

…and I think that she has done a good job in making the path more welcoming than it was.

There is always something going on at this time of year and we have seen the last of the daffodils and tulips (bar one or two just hanging on) and there is usually a colourful corner or two to replace them.

This corner is azalea rich but it is not up to its usual standard as two of the azaleas have not done well
In the opposite corner things are looking more positive with rhodies behind the hedge.
green corner
This is the next corner that should burst onto colour soon.

The border beside the middle lawn is home to a variety of shapes and shades.

middle border

We have had a couple of warmer and drier days and things are beginning to grow well.

The third section is given over to fruit and veg and I will get an overview of that on another day.

I didn’t waste the day entirely as I made a couple of loaves of bread and went to the Archive Centre with Sandy in the evening.   Jean has been  been quite ill and has been swept off to hospital and Sandy is still far from well so although I moan the most, I am currently in the best condition of all three of us.  Mustn’t grumble.

The two doves took off from the plum tree and made a double flying bird of day.

flying dove

I should note that unlike Tom Paxton, my lady is not a high flying dove, she is a low flying gardener.


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28 thoughts on “Mopping and mowing

  1. I know I’ve said it before but the gardens really are some of the most beautiful residential gardens that I’ve seen. Mrs. Tootlepedal is obviously a master gardener.
    I love your sister’s shot of the river.
    Take care of that hip.

  2. Wow! Mrs. T’s gardens are amazing, and your grass doesn’t look half bad either! Does Mrs. T ever get a chance to just sit and enjoy the fruits of her labors, or she one of those that always sees something that has to be attended to?

  3. Gorgeous photo taken by Mary! And absolutely stunning flower display today. Those doves look like statues, so sweet. Your and Mrs T’s garden competes with the very most beautiful I have seen. I’m in awe of the design and gardening skills you two possess. Hats off if I had a hat!! ~SueBee

  4. Very best wishes to Jean and Sandy for better health soon. You are quite entitled to a grumble with your sore hip! The garden looks simply splendid and of course the lawns are like billiard tables.

  5. What a magnificent garden! That explains how you keep finding all these wonderful plants to photograph and I’m sure the sight alone attracts birds flying overhead. You have cheered me up: thank you.

  6. What an absolutely gorgeous garden! Both you and Mrs. Tootlepedal are to be congratulated on doing such a splendid job. Gardening is hard work, but so well worth the effort when the results look like this.

  7. Your gardens are a delight! I enjoyed these photos so much. Being born with black thumbs, I truly enjoy the labors of those who have been blessed with the talent of growing lovely things. And your flying birds of the day – perfect! But my favorite photo of all today is the goldfinch eyeing the wing nut! 🙂

  8. I came to the library for the broadband just so I could see the photo of the wing nuts on the feeder poles. I was expecting Rush Limbaugh and friends perched there . . .

    I am completely overwhelmed by the splendor of the gardens. Between that and the double flying bird of the day I will have to go home and have a little nap.

  9. It was good to see the garden in full, it’s a real credit to Mrs T and to your lawn mowing skills. I’m sorry to hear a Jean is in hospital, I hope she soon recovers.

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