Today’s guest picture is another of the Santander statuary spotted by my brother on his Spanish jaunt last month.  He remarks that the figures look a little put out by the building works.


It was a grey and windy day and I took the opportunity to give my legs a rest so while Mrs Tootlepedal went off for a solo breezy cycle ride, I went up to the Moorland feeders with Sandy as it was his day for refilling them.

No sooner had we got out of the car than a flash of white caught my eye.  It was a male hen harrier flying low over the moor opposite the feeders.

hen harrier

In spite of the dim light, the camera was just able to pick it out against the grass but it soon disappeared when it flew over the bog cotton.

bog cotton

The bog cotton was well worth a look in its own right, painting the hillsides with vivid splashes of white..

bog cotton

We didn’t stop when we had filled the feeders as the wind was cold and Sandy is recovering from pneumonia and probably shouldn’t have been out at all.  I couldn’t resist a pheasant shot before I left though.


After a cup of coffee and a slice of sour dough bread, Sandy went off home to rest.  Mrs Tootlepedal had returned from her cycle ride while we were having coffee and she complained that her back tyre seemed flat.  When Sandy had gone, I checked the tyre and it was indeed flat as a pancake.

She rides on very durable tyres so I was surprised at this but I got the tyre off and inflated the inner tube to see where the puncture was.  There was no puncture.  The chances are that the deflation must have been caused by an insufficiently tightened valve top.  I was a bit annoyed with myself for not trying to inflate the tyre when it was still on the bike but Mrs Tootlepedal took advantage of the situation to give her back wheel and sprocket a really thorough clean.  I put the tube back in the tyre and have left it off the bike for the moment to see if it is still inflated tomorrow.

It wasn’t a great day for photographs of flowers because of the thick clouds and the wind but a Geum was near the back door so I shot that.

They have lasted very well and there are still more to come as you can see.

Not every plant in the garden was planted by the gardener.  Nature sometimes has a shot herself.


I had to visit the doctor before lunch to formulate a plan of action regarding some joint niggles and this went very satisfactorily.

By the time that I had got home, a light rain had begun to fall which lasted on and off for the rest of the day.

The rain gave me some time time to get photographs ready for our annual exhibition which starts next week.  Considering how many pictures I dump into my blog posts every day, you might think that it would be easy for me to find ten to print out but the enormity of having to reject one thousand and ninety of the two thousand pictures I have posted since Christmas alone makes it very hard.  A lot of them are easily discarded as they are not sharp or big enough for a print but there is still a huge amount of choice.  Why this one and not that one?  It makes my head hurt and, in the end, I never feel that I have chosen the best ten.  Still it is done and that is a relief.

Mrs Tootlepedal was gardening away in the light rain so I went out to see what she was doing and took a few gloomy pictures while I was out there.

A well camouflaged frog
The dark blue irises have opened out.
Some daisies brightened up the dull day.
A hosta was quietly impressive by the front lawn
A purple geranium has been added to our various geraniums in flower.
solomon's seal
So far the Solomon’s Seal and the gooseberries have avoided the sawfly. Long may this continue.

In the evening, we went to our local choir practice and were slightly handicapped by the fact that no basses at all turned up.  Still, we did some useful practice and even got two new pieces out.

One was a well known song (though not to me) called “Could it be Magic?” by Barry Manilow based on a prelude by F Chopin.  Some members of the choir greeted it as an old friend. I may grow to like it.

The other was “Cantique de Jean Racine”  by G Fauré.   This is very slow and in French.  Even if I do grow to like this one (which I may), we might have to search carefully about to find an audience that would like to hear us trying to sing it.

The non flying flower of the day was found in the vegetable garden.  It is a chive.





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17 thoughts on “Flat

  1. I had to choose 3 photos for an exhibit last year and it was every bit as hard as you say. The bog cotton is amazing and I like the shots of the aquilegia coming up through the bench. The photo of the chive blossom might be a worthy choice for your exhibition.

  2. Always love a frog picture it is nearly as good as a perching bird. Hope you and the doctor came up with a satisfactory plan for your poor joints.

  3. Wonderful picture of the hen harrier and chives are worth it for the bees alone. Stick with the Cantique de Jean Racine as it is beautiful ( my opinion ) Having some basses joining in will make a big difference.

  4. Well done to capture the hen harrier. The bog cotton is an amazing sight.
    I am not surprised you had difficulty in choosing 10 photographs out of so many excellent ones!

  5. Thank you for another great frog photo! 🙂
    From Barry Manilow to singing in French — that gave me a smile! A very well-rounded choir! (I had quite the crush on Mr. Manilow back in the day. 😀 )

  6. Gee, I love that photo of the bench. Could do really well enlarged and printed out! And, the daisies… those would be beautiful on the wall. I can appreciate the difficulty of choosing photos… it’s difficult enough for the blog posts, but I too need to choose a few for he photography club I joined, and have yet gotten to it. Exhausting it is indeed!

  7. It took me a while to spot the frog, he was well disguised. Mother Nature has planted a good deal of my garden because, when things wander in, I’m too polite to tell them to leave. The chive is splendid, my garden is bursting with them at the moment.

    1. It takes me a moment or two to pick out the frogs from the vegetation too. Mrs Tootlepedal mostly enjoys self seeding but sometimes it upsets a carefully laid plan.

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