Top quality moaning

Today’s guest picture shows a  cinnabar moth (Tyria jacobaeae).  It was cleverly spotted and adeptly snapped by my daughter’s partner Joe in their London garden.

cinnabar moth

I had a day of practising moaning and by the evening I had just about got the hang of it.  Everything was fine when I got up but for some unfathomable reason getting out of the kitchen chair after half an hour of eating porridge and reading the newspaper gave me a terrible twinge down my leg.

Often cycling sorts this sort of thing out so I went off for a gentle 14 mile pedal past fields of buttercups…


…and along leafy lanes lined with wildflowers…


…and although I felt fine when I was pedalling, I was just as twingy as ever when I got off the bike.

Thereafter, I spent the day intermittently standing up, sitting down, lying down (on a bed and in a bath) and wandering aimlessly about in an effort to find that magic moment of relaxation that loosens the muscles and miraculously cures the sciatica.

I did take a few pictures while wandering around.

welsh poppy
A welsh poppy with a tinge of red on a petal.  Is this a the result of a feed deficiency?
My favourite rhododendron. It is going over but it is keeping its colour very well.
The first foxglove of the year.
dark irises
The dark irises are thriving but they are not in the right place.  They will be by next year.
vegetable garden
Mrs Tootlepedal’s hard work metaphorically and actually bearing fruit in the vegetable garden.
Two variegated hostas which flank the entrance to the front lawn.

I even took some pictures while standing at the kitchen window.

One of our many blackbirds. This one was temporarily king of the castle.
A rather baffled looking sparrow on the drive.
The nearest that I got to a flying bird
great tit
A welcome visit from a great tit.

And while all this was balm to the spirit, nothing seemed to ease off my leg so very little useful came of the day.

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to help with the driving for the disabled and very much enjoyed having a go on an electric bike.  She described the experience as feeling as though she was sailing through the countryside on a mythical barque.  She had also enjoyed the drive to Brydekirk and back along the wild flower fringed lanes.

After tea, she went off to judge the bookmarks at a local SWRI fun evening and I went with Sandy, who had been resting well all day,  to the Archive Centre.  Jean is home from hospital but not yet well enough to join us.

The non flying flower of the day is a white potentilla.





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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

33 thoughts on “Top quality moaning

  1. Nothing much worse than sciatica. It’s hard to keep your mind on anything else when you have it.
    I’m not sure why one petal on the poppy would have a red blush. It might just be going by. Many flowers change colors as they age.
    The vegetable garden looks neat and well cared for, and I’m not at all surprised.

    1. Some of the potentilla flowers had a very similar tinge which made Mrs Tootlepedal think of a soil deficiency but the tint does disappear over time.

  2. Ah those twinges that appear from nowhere and peck away remorselessly at our muscles, are a real irritation; they are preferable to half a leg, is what I say. Moaning is a cry for sympathy, Tom, and with Mrs tootlepedal busily out and about, you were severely deficient of coos and billing. If it is any constellation, I hereby send my sympathies.

    Nice post!

  3. So sorry about the trouble with your leg sadly not cured by gentle cycling. I loved the picture of the great tit with the seed in its beak, such a clever photograph.

  4. Great moth picture.
    So sorry to hear about the sciatica! That deserves a lot of sympathy.
    Do hope it wears off quickly.Am very impressed by Mrs. T’s vegetable garden.

  5. I’m drawn between the rhododendron and the white potentilla. Sorry to hear about your twinge, sounds like you are doing all the right things and hope it disappears soon.

  6. Hope the sciatica is better today.
    How much acreage do you have? Such beautiful flower gardens, lawn and also a huge veggie garden. All so well cared for!
    Great photo of the great tit with the peanut. Also enjoyed Joe’s pic of the moth.

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