Various transports

Today’s guest picture is the result of another visit to Edinburgh by Mrs Tootlepedal in her role as grandmother.  It shows Matilda being transported by a personal travel solution.


We were all being transported today.  Mrs Tootlepedal was physically transported  by car and train to Edinburgh where she was spiritually transported with joy at seeing Matilda.  While there, she reverted to Shank’s pony and walked six miles during the day.  Her journey home was made miserable by the fact the the train company had sold tickets for an eight coach train but had absent mindedly only provided four coaches so she had to stand in a very cramped vestibule for over an hour.  She had enjoyed her day nonetheless.

I, after a quick blackbird shot…


…and an admiring glance at an Allium…


…was transported to Carlisle by bus.  When I got there, I joined a good turnout of members  of the Carlisle Community Choir for a rehearsal and performance in the old Fire Station building.  This was abandoned as a fire station after the great floods of 2005 and is now lying empty but in good condition.  It was never quite clear to me why we were doing a half hour lunchtime concert in a deserted shell of a building but I have no doubt that there was some good reason.  The choir sang quite well and and the small audience received us enthusiastically so it was very enjoyable.

My satisfaction was compounded by the timing working out so that I walked out of the concert and more or less straight on to the next bus home.  This left me plenty of time for a 25 mile easy pedal in warm sunshine.  Cycling is always a pleasure but there is no doubt that the pleasure is enhanced by a bit of sunshine and the chance to get some suntan on one’s knees.

I had a walk round the garden when I got back.

A large flag iris has appeared.

flag iris

And in contrast, two more delicate newcomers are another geranium and a white Icelandic poppy.

geranium and poppy

More sensational poppies of a different sort are about to burst into flames.

oriental poppy

I had a busy time because the warm afternoon had brought things out.  Flowers…

An astrantia, a quiet but wonderful flower.
A spirea

…and other things.

The bees were out in force too.
A frog was keeping an eye on things

Sandy came round for a very short and gentle walk and we started by driving to the Kilngreen where the regular heron was standing on yet another rock…


…and a wagtail was rocketing vertically up into the air off the stones beside the river to catch insects.


Then we parked the car at the Episcopal Church and strolled across the Castleholm.  It was still pleasantly warm but the sun had gone behind clouds by this time.  We caught a glimpse of a nuthatch but there was no action at the nest so we walked up beside the race track. It was looking very orderly having recently been mown…

Castleholm racetrack

…and at the top corner it was framed  by buttercups.

Castleholm racetrack

We walked across the grass to look at another possible nest site on a branch.  On our way we passed these..

tree fruits
Beech nut with extra tiny spider

…and a rabbit who had obviously read John Updike.

rabbit running

The nest was occupied  by blue tits and we watched while they busily went in and out, mostly too quickly for a photograph but once or twice, slowly enough to get some sort of record.

blue tits

Ominously, we couldn’t stand watching for too long as the midges were beginning to bite.  The miserably cold winter of 2012-13 meant that last year was almost midge free but I fear that we will pay for this year’s mild winter in multiple midge bites.

Still, we moved off in time and got home safely.  When he had arrived for the walk, Sandy had looked at our garden from an angle that I don’t often use as I normally look at the garden from the house. He suggested that bis view would make a charming picture.

Cottage garden

I agree.

I was going to use a pale Aquilegia as the non flying flower of the day…


…but Mr Grumpy took off (catching me by surprise) while I was watching so here is a traditional flying bird of the day.  I am always slightly surprised that a bird that looks so slim while standing, can look so broad when flying.

flying heron






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21 thoughts on “Various transports

    1. Everything seems to be very early this year. Because winter was mild and early spring was cold we seem to have been living in the same season for months. It is getting warmer now but we haven’t had a proper change of season since last October.

  1. Wonderful picture of Mr Grumpy in flight, what a sight.Loved your garden colours and thanks for putting the frog in. Sorry Mrs T had to stand all that way, very annoying, however Matilda looks sweet.

  2. Splendid photographs from start to finish. So glad Mrs T had an enjoyable visit in spite of the crowded train coming back. Matilda looks very cosy in her personal travel solution. Lovely picture of your house and garden as recommended by Sandy.

  3. So glad to see no mention of sciatica. Hope you are feeling much better today. Your photographs, as always, inspire and delight. I love the photo of the allium – it sparkles with detail.

    1. What a great flying heron shot in your post.

      Don’t give him the keys, buy him a bike and if he wants to take a friend, get him a tandem.

      These modern fancy push chairs are as nothing compared to the fine perambulator that I was pushed about in in the early 1940s. No car has ever approached that for style and comfort.

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