Making an exhibition of myself (and others)

Today’s guest picture was sent to me from Edinburgh by Bruce.  He was trying to see what it felt like to be noble by standing on the bridge of the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Royal Yacht

The first business of the day was to go to the Town Hall and hope that everyone who had promised to be part of our photo exhibition turned up.  We didn’t all manage to make it but enough of us were there to hang up sixty photographs and the two missing photographers appeared later in the day so that the walls were full.

This is the third year that we have put on this show and our only disappointment is that we haven’t managed to persuade  the many others in Langholm who take photos all the time to come and show their work too.  Part of the problem is that you have to have enough confidence that your picture is worth the expense of being mounted and framed so perhaps we should look for a grant so that we could offer free mounting and framing for first time exhibitors.

Having said that, the exhibition looks good with a wide variety of subjects and styles on show.

Putting up the show, going home and having a coffee with Sandy and then going back up with some posters which I had forgotten took up most of the morning.  As it was raining gently, there was nothing much I could have done to pass the time more agreeably.

It had stopped raining when I had finished the business so I went for a damp tour of the garden.  There was plenty of sparkle.


wet plant

wet plant


wet iris

After the rain cleared, the day got steadily better and it would have been a good day for a pedal if I hadn’t had an appointment to visit my physiotherapist.  She lives near Annan so Mrs Tootlepedal came too and did a little shopping while I underwent  the standard miracle cure.  Usually just saying that I really should visit my physio is enough to make me feel better but on this occasion an actual consultation was required.   She gave me some good advice, a little gentle treatment, a new exercise to do and sent me away feeling a good deal better than I have for several days.

I took the opportunity to pop down to the Solway shore nearby as I always enjoy a sea view.


It was a lovely day by now on the seashore as you can see but the only thing that was missing….


…was the sea as the tide was so far out that there was hardly a drop of water to be seen.

I went back into Annan, picked up Mrs Tootlepedal and drove home.  She settled down to some gardening and I wandered around.

There were more white flowers to admire…




…and a bit of pink too.

Burnet rose
The Burnet roses are very soft and gentle

My favourite pink rhododendron has been gradually losing colour but has recently it has put out a bright new spray in a show of rebellion against the march of time.


In spite of what I said yesterday, I did find an angle for the blue and white lupins that didn’t include a compost bin.


I was taking an arty picture of a geranium when I noticed a bee being baffled as to why a petal lying on the ground wasn’t quite what it expected.

bee on petal
Where’s the pollen?

The ferns are growing well.


I was considering a short pedal in the late afternoon sunshine but the thought that I had just come back from the physio and she had recommended a bit of rest persuaded me to put a bit of music for my flute pupil on the computer instead.

I stopped by the kitchen window on my way through to look at a blue tit.

blue tit

blue tit

Luke duly arrived for his lesson and played well again.  He is a most encouraging pupil to have.

After tea, I went out to play trios with Mike and Isabel for the first time for a few weeks and enjoyed it as much as usual.

When I got home, I found that Mrs Tootlepedal had recorded a BBC Scotland TV programme called On the Road 2014 which was notable for containing a section which showed our Langholm Choir rehearsing the specially written song for the Queen’s baton relay for the Commonwealth Games.  It may be childish but it is always fun to see your own town appearing on the telly.

The non flying flower picture of the day is that arty geranium.

Oh, those blue suede shoes.

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26 thoughts on “Making an exhibition of myself (and others)

  1. A great blog post, and what a stunning final photo. Good to see you both, and the town, all looking and sounding great, on tele. All the very best with the exhibition …and the sore joint treatment.

  2. There are so many things to admire – especially the bejeweled morning blooms and the fern and – OK, lots. But the Arty Geranium is just so cool! (I still say that.) It looks like an explosion in a psychedelic parachute factory. Now I have to read backwards and catch up with everything that’s been going on.

  3. Fascinating post. Love the water droplets and the last picture is amazing, it does look like an abstract and an arresting one at that.

  4. Your first sparkly picture is a delight to the eye, it made me smile. Glad the physio helped and that you took her advice. Hope the exhibition goes well and that lots or people come.

  5. Brilliant raindrop flower pictures.
    Glad the physio session was helpful.
    Hope many people come to see the photographs.

  6. The raindrops on all the different garden blooms – exquisite! I also enjoyed the blue tit very much. Glad to hear the physio was helpful and that you are feeling a bit better. Wish I could see your photo exhibition, I bet there are many lovely photos.

  7. Things in the garden always look better with a little rain and I love you wet flower pictures and the puzzled bee. I’m glad the physio went well. After my whiplash my physio visits always made me feel worse before I felt better.

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