Putting my cards on the table

Today’s picture, which was sent by Bruce who has had a busy time on the east coast of Scotland, shows the famous Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth.  It is a  prominent nesting place for a huge colony of gannets.

Bass rock

We were greeted by another wet and soggy morning.

downcast poppy

I was a bit downcast like the poppy and not just because of the rain.  I had mislaid my card wallet sometime after using it on Monday and a thorough search of the house and a trawl of possible places where I might have left had come up with no result.  Another burst of house searching brought no joy so reluctantly I had to telephone my bank and get the card blocked and a new one sent.

This means that I will have to touch Mrs Tootlepedal for the occasional fiver to keep body and soul together until the new card comes.

I went out into the garden to commune with the flowers for comfort.  There was enough there to cheer up Job himself.

irises of many shades
Irises of many shades

Mrs Tootlepedal is upset by the damage that the wind and rain had caused the blue flowers but they still looked lovely to me.

candelabra primulas
Three different shades of Candelabra Primulas

Mrs Tootlepedal has been very happy with the candelabra primulas and will replant them to give them more room each next year.

A delicate lupin defying the grey skies.
I like the Alliums for their geometry even after they have started to go over.

We don’t have the resources to plant a whole bed of Meconopsis like they had at Dalemain yesterday but we do have three of them in a row.


The ladies of the house, seeing that it was a wet day with nothing better to do, rearranged the sitting room and I was sent off to buy more cables to connect the TV in its new position.  Luckily it had stopped raining by this time.  When I came back, I made some green lentil soup for lunch and as we had a visitor, added some croutons.  This was declared very acceptable and we celebrated by going for a short cycle ride after Mrs Tootlepedal had returned from singing in the church choir at a funeral and I had mowed the front lawn.

The threat of rain was ever present but the peleton was in enthusiastic mood….

The peleton sweeps up a gentle rise.  Note the gaudy cycling shoes at the rear.

… as we pedalled up to the Collin bridge.

Collin bridge
Beauty and the bridge.

The pedal home was wind assisted and although there was a little drizzle, the whole trip was declared a great success.

I stopped on the way back to say hello to a fence post I like.

fence post
Quite striking at first sight…
fence post
…but fascinating close up

Annie has just acquired a little new plot to make a small garden  near her house in London so she and Mrs Tootlepedal were soon in deep discussion as they wandered round  our garden looking for suggestions and inspiration.

I took a few more pictures but returned to my favourites..

Candelabra Primulas

I went inside to make a cup of tea for the gardeners and when they came in, we enjoyed a small family of sparrows making good use of a wet day.

sparrows bathing in puddle

sparrows bathing in puddle

sparrow bathing in puddle

Having fun is a serious business.

Because of the dull colours in the background, the pictures aren’t quite as  exciting as actually watching the fun was.  I might try to improve them if I find time hanging heavy on my hands some day.

Other birds were available in dryer situations.

A blackbird was looking a bit hattered by his feeding responsibilities.  He is servicing a nest in the hydrangea on the house wall.

hattered blackbird

A great tit was calmer.

great tit

great tit
There were two great tits about, busy picking peanuts so I expect that there is a nest nearby.

It started to rain and even the birds not in puddles were looking a bit worse for wear.

blue tit
A bedraggled blue tit

Generally speaking, the last two days have seen a big improvement both in my sciatica and my toothache so I am a much more cheery bunny than I have been recently.  I was full of beans when Sandy came round to take me up to the Archive Centre after tea and we put two weeks of the newspaper index into the database as well as doing some printouts of articles for a researcher.  Sandy is gradually recovering from his pneumonia but Jean is still not feeling well enough to come and join us.  We hope to see her soon.

The non flying flower of the day is an Aquilegia.


Postscript: Long standing back problems often leave me with the feeling that I have got some thin cardboard under my feet when I wear shoes.  I got this feeling quite severely today when I went to put my shoes on for cycling.  The only difference was that today there really was some card under my feet.  It was my bank card which had got itself stuck in the toe of my shoe.  If I find the little elf that jammed it in there, I will give him what for.

Post postscript:  Sandy was telling me that he has cancelled his bank card no less than three times in the past and then found it on every occasion.  That cheered me up a lot.

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29 thoughts on “Putting my cards on the table

  1. There’s a strong thunderstorm going on this minute, with heavy rain, TV is gone and had a short brown out. Just when I was reading your blog and looking a those wet birds! What a coincidence! 🙂

  2. I liked this article. Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth an incredible place.

    Greetings to the peleton of cyclists.

  3. Isn’t that the way with lost things? They usually turn up again in places you never can predict 🙂 I loved the little bathing sparrows. I had a young chicken/sparrow hawk sitting on top of my poor old budgerigars cage this morning. Once he noticed me he was off though. Such pretty birds. My neighbour let his racing pigeons out for a bit of exercise at the same time so I think the hawk felt they would fill his tummy more than two decrepit old budgies 🙂

  4. Lovely pictures of the bedraggled sparrows.
    What a surprise hiding place for your card! Ah well, it must a bit of a satisfaction to know where it was lurking, even if a bit late in the day.

  5. Wonderful guest picture today, I really appreciated the beauty of it. Loved your photos of the bathing sparrows – there’s just something about seeing birds/animals enjoying themselves in simple pleasures.

  6. I laughed at the bathing sparrows! The shot down the centre of the non-flying flower certainly showcases Mother Nature’s design skills – lovely.

  7. As usual I find it difficult to decide what part of your thoroughly engaging post I like best so it will be a war between the Bass Rock, the fence post, the alliums and the bathing House Sparrows. And of course the flying flower of the day. Sorry to hear about your card sacrifice but glad parts of you are feeling better.

  8. Glad to see you are on the mend. Whenever I deviate from the scores of ritual behavior that make up my day, I am at great risk for misplacing something. Although I must admit I have never found my missing item in my shoe!

  9. Late comment again I’m afraid. Non-flying flower stunning, amusing bathing sparrows, incredible Bass Rock covered in gannets, beautiful delicate lupin (I’m a blue flower enthusiast). Glad you’re feeling better.

  10. Somehow I guessed that card would turn up as soon as you cancelled it! Commando has done that once or twice too so I think it’s a man thing 🙂

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