Holding the baby

Today’s guest picture is another bird at my daughter’s feeder in London.

annie's bird

I had no time to watch birds today as Mrs Tootlepedal, Pat and I went off to Edinburgh in the car straight after breakfast.  We had a dream drive on the way, with hardly any traffic to pass or to be passed by until we got right into Edinburgh.

The purpose of our visit was to deliver a lawn mower to Matilda’s parents so that they could get their small lawn into a state worthy of our granddaughter.  There is no knowing what the sight of an ill tended greensward might do to an impressionable child in her formative years.

When we arrived, Clare put Matilda into the care of her grandmother and came down to see to the mowing.  I had brought an electric hover mower with me to deal with weeks of neglect and after a whizz round with that, Clare and I took turns with the old fashioned push mower until things looked at least respectable.

Carlyle lawn

While this important work was going on, Matilda was looking after her great-grandmother, her grandmother and her father in turn.


She seemed to be able to keep them quite happy for a considerable time.

After lunch Clare had a visit from the health visitor to check on Matilda’s progress.  This was deemed to be thoroughly satisfactory so Matilda went off for a celebratory walk.  She had a guard of honour with her.

Walking in Edinburgh

Al and Clare are fortunate to have a handy garden not far from their house and we walked up though it until we got to this handsome church…

garden in Edinburgh

…where we turned back along a road with an imposing facade to say the least.

Edinburgh Royal Terrace

One of the charming things about walking round Edinburgh, especially near Al and Clare’s house, is that you often can catch glimpses of Arthur’s Seat when you pass a road end.

Arthur's seat

We had time for a cup of tea when we got back and then Matilda shared a joke with her grandmother….


…and we set off home again.

The glimpse of Arthur’s Seat led me into taking a detour round Holyrood Park as we started for home.  The road climbs round the hill and we stopped on the south side to admire the view over the Firth of Forth down to North Berwick.

view from Arthur's seat

Some people, more energetic than us, were admiring the view from the very top of the hill.

Arthur's Seat

The figures on the summit look strangely out of scale but one of the reasons that Arthur’s Seat is such a popular walk is that it is not very high.

We looked down at Duddingstone Loch at the foot of the hill.

Duddingstone Loch

Although it was cloudy, it was far too warm for us to expect to see anyone emulating the famous Dr Robert Walker…

Walker skating

….pictured here skating on the loch by Henry Raeburn in one of Scotland’s favourite paintings.

We took the A7 home and we were able to get another good look at the extensive workings  being undertaken to re-open the railway from Edinburgh to Galashiels.

Although the weather had been rather grey on our way back from Edinburgh, it had brightened up by the time we got home and I had a quick walk round the garden.  The garden is full of blackbirds…


…and roses.


Two Lilian Austin blooms show how this rose flowers and decays.

Lilian Austin

Luckily, there always seem to be new buds opening so as a bush it lasts well, even though the flowers pass quite quickly.

There are more lush poppies to be seen too….


…with their centres looking very like the sort of fancy cakes you get in upmarket tearooms.

After tea, I went up to the Archive Centre with Sandy and we put another week of the newspaper index into the database.  It is currently full of reports of the local celebrations for Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee in 1887.

Sandy told me that he had sat in at our photo exhibition for four hours on Wednesday and had only got four visitors.  I don’t know what we can do to get more people to look at it.  Those that come always seem to enjoy it.  I hope that I get a few more when I sit in on Saturday, which will be (hint for local readers) the last day.

The non flying flower of the day is a white rose.

white rose

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19 thoughts on “Holding the baby

  1. Great photos, grand dialogue! Sad to hear that you’ve not had many in to see the exhibition. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Others are missing a treat of local creativity.

    1. It is going to stay open in the mornings for another fortnight as there is no new exhibition to come in so I hope a few more people will come in.

    1. We think so but we are naturally biased. We have considered whether she looks like her father or her mother or both but we came to the conclusion that, as yet, she looks most like a baby.

  2. That sounds like a thoroughly successful visit to see Matilda and some of the other sights of Edinburgh. She looks a bonnie baby and glad the results of the check were as they should be. The picture of the centre of the poppy was awe inspiring.

  3. What a lovely Edinburgh trip – great pictures recording your visit, both of Matilda and the surrounding buildings and scenery. Congratulations on the lawn mowing.
    Always delighted to see a picture of the Rev. Robert Walker!

  4. Matilda is a lucky little girl – and she seems to agree. Such a joy. And thank you for taking us on a walk in Edinburgh.

    As for the attendance at the exhibition, that’s always a problem, isn’t it. I recommend that you get someone to write an indignant letter to the newspaper about the scandalous images on display. That will bring people out in droves.

  5. Several friends were walking around Edinburgh last weekend for the Moonwalk. Now I see Arthur’s seat I understand why it was so tough! The lawn scrubbed up well and your garden is lovely as always. I hope you get more visitors for the exhibition. Such a shame it’s too far for me because I’m sure I’d enjoy it.

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