End of season fun

No guest picture today as a portrait of a mother and daughter takes pride of place.

Granny and Mrs Tootlepedal
Mrs Tootlepedal and Granny in the garden.

After a late breakfast, I sneaked out for a pedal before Granny got up.  I was feeling rather tired and was pleased not to be trying to keep up with Dropscone but I hadn’t gone far before I met him on his way home after a spin round the traditional morning run.

We stopped for a few words and he revealed that he too was feeling the strain a bit after driving over two hundred miles yesterday to play a game of golf and as a result, he was a minute or two slower than his usual pace.

I was a lot slower than my usual pace, partly because I was not at my peak and partly because I stopped from time to time to take pictures of some of the wild flowers that brightened up my journey.  Although the grasses are the chief occupiers of the verges, there are splashes of colour still to be found.

Just one of a little crop of orchids beside the road.

Wild Iris


The hedge roses are the best that I have ever seen them this year.



unkown wildflower

unkown wildflower

Potential bramble jelly



unknown wildflower

There was only one spot where there were more flowers than grasses.


I could go out again and take another ten different varieties so although my ride was lacking in speed, it certainly wasn’t lacking interest.

The rest of the day was spent either mowing lawns or working on the quiz for the choir social in the evening.  I mowed two and a half lawns and managed another forty questions for the quiz so that I ended up with seventy overall, which is quite enough for a social quiz (as opposed to a quiz night where you need a hundred teasers).

I sneaked a look at some birds whenever I passed the kitchen window.

Young sparrows getting excited by the fat balls
sparrow and jackdaw
A sparrow and a jackdaw practise staring.

I also walked round the garden while Mrs Tootlepedal showed granny round.  The flowers are enjoying the weather as much as we are.

white flowers
Campanula and roses in profusion.
Clematis flourishing
The first lily of the year
martagon lily
A Martagon lily with more flowers than it can easily fit in.

I was going to watch a bit of Andy Murray’s tennis match at Wimbledon but for once, he didn’t keep us on tenterhooks and the match finished almost before I had sat down.

In the evening, Mrs Tootlepedal stayed in to keep Granny company and I went off to the Cricket Club for the Langholm Sings end of season social.  This turned out to be a very cheery affair with excellent food and good conversation.  The quiz was well received and with the scores varying from  50% to 80% correct, it seemed to have been of about the right difficulty for a social quiz.  This is not always easy to get right.

I stayed for longer than I expected and this has lead to another late night.  I will have to get myself better organised and get most of the blog written before I go out in the evenings.

I did get a flying bird of a sort again today.


I am going to put the seed feeder back up tomorrow and see if the finches come back and if they are looking healthy.  If they do and they are, I will keep it up.







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19 thoughts on “End of season fun

    1. A benefit of the mild winter no doubt. Unfortunately a side effect of that same mild winter has been a multitude of midges so that sitting out in the evening is no fun at all.

  1. I’d love to live in a place where orchids grow beside the road. I know of some here that I’d like to see but the climb to them is so dangerous that I don’t dare do it alone.
    I’ve never seen a lily with as many flowers as that Martagon has. Does it grow beside the climbing hydrangea?

    1. It is a rich environment especially as the council have not mowed the verges with as much enthusiasm as they had when there was more money about.

  2. Loved the wild flowers especially the orchid, fancy them growing just by the road, lucky you. Your garden looks so pretty too. Glad the quiz went well.

  3. Thanks for stopping so regularly on your ride for those lovely wild flower shots. The garden is looking mighty fine – hope the test with the seed feeder works out, miss the finches.

  4. Thank you for such wonderful wildflower pictures! I loved seeing the sparrows inside the fat ball feeder cage – it made a cute image. Hope all goes well with reintroducing the seed feeder. Glad your quiz went well and you have an enjoyable evening out!

  5. My walking speed is always hampered by the need to stop and take photos. The wild flowers are wonderful at the moment so there are a lot of stops.

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