Slow progress

No guest picture again today but a big welcome to the first siskin in the garden for several weeks instead.


It was mild yet again with gentle winds today, perfect for cycling and mowing the lawn and so I went cycling and mowed the lawn.  Everything in the garden was literally lovely and the only fly in the ointment was uncooperative joints and a certain tiredness that meant that a short cycle ride and mowing a couple of lawns took all the energy that I had for the day.

At least the sedate nature of my pedalling allowed me once again to get a good view of passing plants.  There was plenty of colour among the grasses to catch my eye.

wild flower

wild flower

wild flower


wild flower

There were curious green things too.

wild flower

And things that defied description.

wild flower

Even the grasses and reeds are interesting.


After a late start, I managed my usual 22 mile morning ride but I was so slow and I stopped so often for pictures that it was afternoon by the time that I got back.

Mrs Tootlepedal was in a very busy mood and was out with the hedge trimmer today, giving the chicken a haircut.

She started on the hedge behind as soon as she had finished.

I did some sporadic dead heading and admired the planting out of annuals which Mrs Tootlepedal had done while I was cycling.   There should be some treats to come.  Meanwhile, there is still a lot to look at.

day lily
There was a burst of day lilies today.
Hostas are coming freely into flower.

As well as new flowers, some old favourites are soldiering along very well.

This delicately coloured lupin has been out for weeks
candelabra primula
The candelabra primulas have been long lasting too
The Astrantias now come in three shades
And Irises come in four.

I went out in the evening with Sandy to the Archive centre where the Wi-fi connection worked well and we put a week and a half of the newspaper index into the database.  Mrs Tootlepedal was out carousing at an ex-colleague’s farewell do so I didn’t work for too long as I didn’t want to leave Granny without any company for longer than necessary.  Sandy has been back to work this week for the first time since contracting pneumonia and we had a little competition to see who was the most tired.  He just won.

This didn’t stop us planning one or two outings for the weeks ahead as I am keen to try to improve my landscape photography.  This may mean getting up early in the morning so there is a distinct possibility that it may never happen.  We shall see.

I put the seed feeder out during the day and I am waiting to see if it will attract more than the single siskin who came today.  I will be keeping a close eye for diseased birds and if I see them, the feeder will go back inside.

In the meantime, the non flying flower of the day is a new and gaudy rose.  I should know its name but I have forgotten it.

gaudy rose





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19 thoughts on “Slow progress

  1. I am in admiration of the work of Mrs. T. – The Chicken is beautiful and I also admire the wealth of flowers adorning your garden. Looking forward to the landscapes you are hoping to do together with Sandy. Tiredness is no excuse – it is my permanent status these days.

    1. It is not an excuse, it is a factor. I am sorry that you too are tired but I hope that you can find some things to keep you entertained among your cares.

      1. Yes, I found such a thing: There is some guy in Scotland writing a beautiful blog every day. That keeps me upright very much.

  2. Fabulous macro shots on the flowers! It would be better though if you sprayed some water mists on it for a more dramatic effect or maybe it’s just me.

  3. More tremendous flower photos – I especially liked that first one after the siskin. Hoping for good news on the return of the birds to the feeders, may they be disease free!

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