Today’s guest picture comes from my nephew Emre, by way of my sister Susan who forwarded it to me, and shows his daughter Lila, the latest addition to our family.  A great uncle again.  I am feeling my age.


The full day that I enjoyed yesterday turned out to have been a little fuller than it should have been and I spent most of today mooching about and complaining about a sore hip.  However mooching about and moaning turned out to be a good way to go on and by the evening, I was in much better condition.

I hope things continue to improve as I don’t mind being slowed down for a day or two as long as I can find something to do on my computer but at present sitting in front of the screen is just making things worse so I am liable to get severely bored.  Sitting or lying while reading isn’t any more comfortable.

As neither sitting nor lying down was very relaxing, I tried very slow walking round the garden after breakfast instead.

The sight of the roses always cheers me up.
A day lily and a longer lasting variety.
A day lily and a longer lasting variety.

Two new flowers:

An Alstroemeria, freshly out.
The first cosmos of the year.  

I took a photograph of an impressive bunch of delphiniums…


…looking vaguely like a bunch of zombies on the march.

I was glad to have taken this shot because strong winds had knocked most of them over by the evening and as this was then followed by heavy rain, I think that I caught them at their very best.

I did manage to get out of the garden and go off in the car to top up the Moorland bird feeders as Sandy was at work all day and had asked me to fill in for him.  There were quite a lot of birds about so I stopped for a look.

Last time Sandy had been up, he had seen woodpeckers chasing each other around the tree trunks and they were at it again today.


A jay also appeared and visited several of the feeders.



More usual birds were also hanging around.

siskin and great tit
Siskin and great tit

And of course the pheasants were there to pick up the fallen seed.


I didn’t stop long but as I left, a spot of colour in the grass caught my eye.  There were two different orchids there, nearly side by side.

Marsh orchids, I think. One had plain leaves and the other had strongly marked leaves.

Nearby, a white thistle stood out from the crowd…

white thistle

…while a bee visited a more traditionally coloured plant.


I got home and spent the rest of the day doing nothing useful at all, sitting for a while and groaning, standing up and doing a little more groaning, walking around doing a even more groaning still….and not watching Andy Murray getting a pasting on the tennis court.

Dropscone dropped in in search of some rhubarb for a crumble and we were able to find some good looking stalks for him.  He is off to Glasgow tomorrow for his youngest daughter’s graduation ceremony.  He is very proud.

I managed to spend some of the groaning time looking out of the kitchen window and I had to do a double take before I realised that this very yellow bird was in fact a juvenile blue tit.

blue tit

This one looked a bot older.

blue tit

There was no doubt that this fellow was a sparrow.


By the evening, the steady diet of groaning had paid off and I was feeling much more cheerful but sadly, the weather had become far too gloomy to allow for a little walk so I had to be cheerful indoors.  Our fine, calm weather of late seems to have come to an end after a lengthy spell and we are in for our more customary changeable conditions with a really horrible day coming on Friday.  Mrs Tootlepedal fears for her flowers with gusts of 50 mph and heavy rain forecast.

The potatoes have been looking so good…


…that Mrs Tootlepedal dug up one of the earlies and found that it had produced a good crop so we had new potatoes and home grown white turnips with our tea and very good they were too.

One of the benefits of hanging about doing nothing was that I had time to wait for a flying bird of the day,  a flying sparrow with feathers ruffled by the wind.

flying sparrow




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29 thoughts on “Hipped

    1. The jay has appeared before and I can’t remember whether the flowers have or not but anything taken more than three weeks ago tends to drift from my memory so almost everything seems new to me.

  1. Lila is so sweet, congrats, great uncle 🙂 and I love the rest of the photos series, I’s wonderful how plants and birds can brighten our day. Thanks

  2. Very sorry indeed that you had such an uncomfortable day. You were well entitled to a good moan.
    Lovely roses and very sweet baby blue tits.

  3. Great batch of photos of both the flowers and the birds. It hardly seems possible that one rose could have so many layers of petals.

  4. I’m sorry you have got rain and wind spoiling your lovely garden. It has been scientifically proven that swearing works as an anaesthetic so grumbling and groaning probably works just as well (but politer). Good photos of the jay!

  5. Congrats to your family on a new addition! I am always fascinated to see the birds you have there that are similar but different from what I see here. Such an amazing world we live in! I also never knew potato flowers were so pretty.

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