Rest cure

Today’s guest picture shows a sparrow, rather baffled by the size of the crumbs that Dropscone puts out for his birds.

Bird and Bread

I was somewhat improved in the aches and pains department when I got up this morning and I was determined to do nothing to make things worse during the day so to be on the safe side, I did nothing.

As always, I am more comfortable on a bicycle than anywhere else so I gave myself licence to cycle up to the High Street to combine a little business with a little shopping.  Otherwise I hung around the house and garden taking occasional pictures.

After last night’s rain, things were damp to start with.


…but the day stayed dry and soon Granny was to be seen examining the damage caused by yesterday’s winds.

Granny in the garden

There were frogs in the pond….


…and tadpoles (toadpoles?) in the dam outside.

tadpoles in dam
They were having to swim quite hard to avoid being washed downstream.

On the other side of the bridge, an alchemilla hung over the water…


…and the first crocosmia stuck out its nose.


The Fuchsia on the back wall is producing ever more flowers and making a mockery of the two in the garden which are struggling.


Mrs Tootlepedal says that it is thriving because it is in poor soil and being neglected.  I can’t tell whether she is being serious or not.

Back in the garden, I tried to get my camera to come to terms with the deep red of a nasturtium.  It is a problem.


It liked the milder yellow of the ligularia better.


We are in a slight lull at the moment as the early flowers go over and the late ones are just beginning to stir themselves so I had time to admire the good range of leaves among the petals.


The hostas are adding flowers to their sculptural leafage.

hosta flowers

Mrs Tootlepedal spotted this butterfly on the drying green…


..but it wouldn’t open its wings for me.

We have a steady population of sparrows and blackbirds in the garden, neither of which are in our good books at the moment.  The sparrows keep nibbling the tops off Mrs Tootlepedal’s vegetables and the blackbirds break through my netting and have eaten all my strawberries.

This is one of the strawberry thieves.


…and here are two shots of a veg nibbler.


The finches don’t seem to destroy the garden at all.  We like them.

A greenfinch

In the afternoon, Mrs Tootlepedal had a small tea party for a neighbour to come and renew her acquaintance with Granny and they were joined by Mike Tinker and a good time was had by all, sipping tea and scoffing Mrs Tootlepedal’s banana and walnut loaf.

I walked back with Mike both to admire his garden, which is looking very good, and to see if he had any plants growing which might suggest candidates for our garden at this time of year.  He had lots of nice things growing but nothing which cried out, “I am the one, plant me.”

In the evening, I went to the Archive Centre with Sandy.  On the way we stopped at the Thomas Hope, our local cottage hospital, to visit Jean who should have been coming to archive with us but is confined to a room there instead.  She is in for observation and can’t get home at the moment as her flat is up stairs and there is no lift or stair lift. As Sandy’s chest has still not cleared up and my aches and pains were twinging a bit, no one would have mistaken us for three  little rays of sunshine.

We left her to reflect on life and went along to the Archive Centre where we put a week and a half of the newspaper index into the database.  Owing to the good weather, I have got a bit behind in keeping up with the data miners but looking at the forecast for the next few days, I should have plenty of time to catch up.

An aggressive sparrow features as flying bird of the day.




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34 thoughts on “Rest cure

  1. Nice photos of flowers and birds. I think the finches are in cahoots with the blackbirds and sparrows, they distract you posing at the feeders and the others go raiding your strawberry patch! 🙂

  2. I laughed out loud at your opening comment and photo about Dropscone’s bird food!

    Crossing my fingers that you three musketeers will all soon be well and without anything to grumble about.

  3. The blackbird looks quite defiant, as if it is daring you to try to keep it away from the strawberries.

    My favorite photo from the day is the one with granny in the garden, because it show how splendid the garden looks.

  4. Among the wonderful colours of your flower pictures it was good to see the frog. Fancy that fuchsia doing so well, it is lovely even if not in your garden.

      1. I forgot what annoying little omnivores they can be. They will try anything, and then if they find out they like it, beware.

  5. I hope your more restful day improved the aches and pains. Wonderful pictures, of flowers and birds. Best wishes to Jean, Sandy and yourself for better health and fitness soon.

  6. My first visit to your blog. Popped in whilst researching for Ligularia. Thoroughly enjoyable read!
    You’ve a lovely garden – the delphiniums in the picture with granny are wonderful and make such a statement.

  7. Ahhh, TP, I am but a junior in the ranks of the retired so your idea of doing nothing confuses me no end. You seem to have achieved a great deal here and exhibited a great selection of photos as well as indulging in various social activities. I obviously have a lot to learn 🙂 Keep up the good work.

    1. Strictly speaking doing nothing refers only to lawn care, walking and cycling, the really important activities in life. Playing music and singing, which I love, can be done sitting down and hardly count as activities.

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