Special guest

Today’s picture was sent by my friend Bruce who is on holiday in the south west of England with his wife Lesley.  It shows the seaside town of Clevedon.  Bruce tells me. “Both Lesley and I had studied an OS map with Weston super Mare and Clevedon on it at school and such was the impact that we both were inclined to visit on the way south.”


They had better weather in Clevedon than we had in Langholm today.  It was a perfectly foul day almost from start to finish, with rain and strong winds making going outside an unattractive proposition.  It was not a day for taking photographs.

As it happened, we had to stay in anyway as we were expecting a visit from our grandchild, Matilda, who was bringing her parents down from Edinburgh to meet Great Granny.

As a result, we spent the morning in a frenzy of preparation and the afternoon and evening in a state of wonder that such a small person should embody so many virtues.

Keeping an eye on things
Keeping her grandmother occupied
Keeping her father happy

Just before she went to bed, she asked me to take a picture of four generations of the females in her family.

Great Granny, Granny, Mum and Matilda

The weather made the thought of a walk round the garden unprofitable and the only other pictures that I took were  of some rather bedraggled birds through the kitchen window…




…but the light was very poor and I didn’t persevere.

I was supposed to be doing the Tourist Information task in the afternoon but Sandy very kindly volunteered to do my stint for me so that I could enjoy Matilda’s company.  He tells me that he needn’t have gone at all as not a single tourist turned up seeking information.  This was not too surprising considering the persistent rain.

We are hoping for some better weather tomorrow so we can at least show Matilda the garden.

At some stage, I managed to capture a rather blurry flying bird of the day.

flying bird


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