We’re having a heat wave

Today’s guest picture is of a guest, not by a guest.  It was actually taken by me and shows Anne, who took yesterday’s guest picture of the hummingbird hawkmoth, chatting to Mrs Tootlepedal over the garden hedge about the excitement of the sighting.


After the energetic activity of the last two days, I rose late today and was ready to greet Dropscone for coffee when he arrived, looking a bit pickled by the already warm temperatures,  having completed the morning run by himself.

He brought scones with him and we ate these while we sipped our coffee. He had had a busy day yesterday but had managed to slip a golf lesson into his schedule and is expecting to play wonderfully well in the Wednesday Medal tomorrow.   One of the good things about having had to retire from golfing is that I don’t have my hopes dashed on a regular basis any more like I almost always used to have them founder on the rocks of reality and a dodgy swing.

When  he left, I took our car to the garage in the hope that they could fix an annoying rattle, walked home and soon afterwards walked back up to the garage to collect the car with the annoying rattle fixed.  I wish all life worked so well.

I started off a sour dough loaf and this seemed to fill up most of the morning but I found a moment somewhere to wander round the garden.  New flowers have arrived.

sunflower and purple phlox
The first sign of a sunflower and some purple phlox

Old flowers are hanging on.

lupin and delphinium
A very late lupin and an unbowed delphinium

And some are growing and dying at the same time.

Ligularia, standing up very tall.

After a pause,  blackbirds have reappeared in the garden.



Mrs Tootlepedal had been very busy in the garden in the morning as the spell of unusually hot and dry weather has meant that plants need watering but after lunch, we retired to the cool of the house and watched the heroes of the Tour de France suffering up the hills of the Pyrenees.

We ventured out when they had finished and it was even hotter than it had been earlier on.  Mrs Tootlepedal returned to gardening and  I took Pocketcam in hand and went for a very gentle stroll round Gaskell’s Walk.  I wanted to see if the Rosebay Willowherb or Fireweed was making a good show.

Climbing the steps out of the park….

park steps

…I soon found the plants that I was looking for.  They were very pretty both severally….


…and individually.


I was pleased though when the path took me into the shade.  The path goes round a little gully at this point and I liked the sensation of being among the branches of the trees growing below the path.

Gaskells Walk

There were delicious wild raspberries to be picked and eaten as I went along…


…far sweeter than anything that you can grow yourself.

My route home took me over the Auld Stane Brig….

Auld Stane Brig

…past harebells and convolvulus in the hedges….



…trees laden with fruit….

trees and nuts

… and reflective water….

Pool Corner
Pool Corner

…until I came to Eskdaill Street.

Eskdaill Street
The bunting is out ready for the Common Riding on Friday

For once, I turned my nose up at the advice to bend my feet to the sunny side of the street and gratefully walked along in the shade.  We are not used to temperatures of 25° in Langholm.

In the hope that it might be a little cooler, Mrs Tootlepedal had waited until six o’clock to go for a cycle ride to Wauchope Schoolhouse and back but it was still very warm indeed and she too stopped and refreshed herself with the tasty wild raspberries.

In the evening, Susan arrived to take me to Carlisle for our recorder group.  We are working on pieces for a concert in September and we continued to be amazed by how much you have to practise for a relatively brief guest appearance.   Still, we have got a set of pieces organised and six weeks to practise them so we should be just about all right.  Mrs Tootlepedal finished off the baking of the sourdough loaf when I was out.

I did catch a perching blue tit during the day….

blue tit

…but I couldn’t time my visits to the kitchen window to coincide with a flying bird so two squalling siskins will have to do instead.




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14 thoughts on “We’re having a heat wave

  1. I don’t blame you for walking on the shady side of the street, the heat reflecting off from the pavement would have made it feel much worse. But, despite the weather, I did enjoy the walk and the flowers.

  2. The Rosebay Willowherb makes a fine show.
    Pool corner is looking very attractive and cool despite the heat.

  3. I enjoyed the dust-bathing blackbird and the inviting steps. Hope you get some relief from the heat — we’ve been experiencing some real summer weather here, too, and yesterday found some delicious wild blackberries. 🙂

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