Still a bit buffeted by Bertha

Today’s guest picture is a contrast to our present gloomy weather and shows a sunny day in Devon in June.  My daughter was visiting pretty gardens down there.

devon flowers

We had another basically wet and windy day which, with the addition of a considerable drop in temperature, made it quite a good day to find things inside to do.

Fortunately, the rain didn’t set in until after coffee time so Mrs Tootlepedal and I wrapped up and nipped out for a short pedal after breakfast.  The strong winds made going further than Wauchope School unattractive and we were soon whistling, wind assisted, back down the road.  Just before Langholm, we met Sandy who had had the same idea and was bravely  battling against the wind.  Abandoning Mrs Tootlepedal, I turned round and went back up to Wauchope School with Sandy and then enjoyed a second cruise home.

Bicycling was no problem but walking when I got off the bike was hard work and it took a while for my hip to settle down again.  I have a visit scheduled to the doctor tomorrow and I hope to make some progress towards a solution there.

Sandy stayed for a coffee and by the time we had finished, the rain had started.

I spent quite a lot of time sorting out photos for the Canonbie show and by the end of the day I think I have got enough printed out for a decent entry.

Sandy came round after lunch (in the rain) and we put a couple of weeks of the newspaper index into the Langholm Archive Group database.  He brought his Canonbie photos round to trim them on our shared mount cutter and I must say that they look very good.

Interestingly, he looked over my shoulder while I was going through my files and we both picked out a picture that we thought would look good, with lots of depth and interest.  However, when it was printed out,  it looked as flat as a pancake and really dull.  It is now residing in the waste paper basket.  Another learning experience.

During the day, the bird feeder was really busy and I was entertained by a stream of  birds.  We had frequent visits from the world’s scruffiest blue tit.

blue tit

It looks terrible but it seems quite perky and has been visiting for several days.  I wonder if it is moulting.  Perhaps some kind expert can tell me what is happening.

The was always plenty of action when I looked out.

The usual siskin rudeness
And sparrows getting in on the act
sparrow and siskin
A sparrow being unfriendly to an approaching  siskin for a change
sparrows and chaffinch
But sometimes birds were allowed to approach calmly

Mrs Tootlepedal has got the exercise bug at the moment and ignoring the rain and wind, she took a big umbrella and walked three miles up to the White Yett and back.  She was very pleased to see a fly past by a hen harrier just as she got to the top of the hill and felt that this made the whole walk well worthwhile.

She was very wet when she got back.

Although I didn’t get out into the garden to take any pictures today (in the rain), the garden did come into the house in the shape of a colourful crop of beans, runner and French.

The purple beans turn green when they are cooked.

In the evening, I went off to Carlisle (in the rain) with Susan to a meeting of our recorder group.  We worked hard at the pieces for our forthcoming concert appearance and made some good progress.  I think that we will be able to do ourselves justice.

Happily, it had stopped raining at last as we drove back to Langholm.  We are promised a little sunshine tomorrow.

The flying bird of the day is yet another chaffinch (in the rain).

flying chaffinch





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25 thoughts on “Still a bit buffeted by Bertha

  1. I grew purple beans this year for the first time, and was mightily disappointed when they changed colour as they cooked!

  2. Good luck with the doctor tomorrow! It looks as if the blue tit is molting, it must be the world’s scruffiest. Some birds lose almost all their feathers at one time when molting, most only lose a few at a time, I think that the blue tit is one of the former.

  3. Enjoyed all the bird activity, you are clever at catching them in action. Do hope that the doctor will come up with something useful to help with your hip problems.

  4. yes the Blue Tit is going through its moult.. (also looks wet, they are less waterproof when undergoing moult) they look awful for a while but I’ll be looking sparkly and new very soon.

  5. Glad to hear you are seeing a doctor about your hip. Sorry it is still being such a bother.
    Well done to Mrs T for walking out in the teeth of the rain and wind.

  6. So glad to see so much activity has returned to your feeders.

    I think the purple beans look cool, too bad they turn to green when cooked! 🙂 Since you have so many potatoes, you should cook the two of them together. With a bit of ham or bacon, it’s quite tasty. Somehow during my childhood someone named the concoction “glunk” and that is what we have called it in my family ever since.

  7. I have always been disappointed when the purple beans turn green. If cooked in water and nor steamed the water goes such a lovely deep green colour too! I admire Mrs T’s energy and enthusiasm for exercise.

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