Time passes

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by keen photographer Kevin, who was delighted to find a smooth or common newt on his garage steps, the first he has seen in Langholm.

newtThe wind had dropped this morning and I ventured out for another short bicycle ride after breakfast.  I passed Dropscone, who had made a very early start,  flying down the hill in the opposite direction soon after I set out.

At Barnglieshead, I stopped to chat with Jim, the semi retired farmer there.  He told me that he had tried a little golf and thought of a little cycling but in the end he was still mostly farming.  He added that he sometime reads this blog so if this post is one of the ones he reads, “Hi Jim, get the bike out and give it a go.”

Our friend Arthur joined Dropscone and me for our coffee and scones and it was just like old times when we were all golfers (before age and infirmity took its toll).

After they left, I took a walk round the garden.

Mrs Tootlepedal recently bought some begonias and they are proving to be good value for money.


bee and poppy
The bees were more successful in finding the centre of the poppies today.
Lords and ladies
Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that these are Lords and Ladies.
Japanese Anemone
The Japanese Anemones are flourishing in the shade of the walnut tree.

The garden has been battered by the weather and this clematis rather sums up the state of the flowers.

Past its best.

A quick walk into the vegetable garden confirmed that we will be eating beans for some time yet.

Runner beansThough we are not going to eat these tomato like fruits on the main crop potatoes….

Potatoes…as Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that they are poisonous.

As well as the bright red and yellow crocosmia, we have some very pretty orange ones…

crocosmia…though they too are getting to the end of their time.

After lunch Mrs Tootlepedal went off to help with the pony driving at Brydekirk and I took a walk up to the town to check on the sales of our Archive Group postcards, order some more coffee and bird food and top up my stocks of cheese.

In spite of some alarming rumbles of thunder, I managed all this in the dry and it didn’t start raining until I was safely back at home.  I was afraid that Mrs Tootlepedal might be having a damp time at Brydekirk but she returned in cheerful mood, having dodged the showers in a very satisfactory way.

I took another walk round the garden when the rain had stopped and made a little collection of rather bruised cosmos.

cosmosWhile we had been drinking coffee in the morning a brightly coloured robin had appeared but it refused to reappear when I had a camera in hand so I had to make do with a non scruffy blue tit.

blue titAfter Mrs Tootlepedal returned, there was a brief moment when the sun almost shone and this was reflected in half a rainbow over Henry Street.

half a rainbow over Henry StreetIt didn’t last.

In the evening, Sandy and I went to the Archive Centre, visiting our colleague Jean, who is still in hospital and getting very fed up with it, on our way.

We got some work done but had to waste twenty minutes while our computer did some of those mysterious updates which are sent to try us. We had a well deserved glass of wine when we finished

The flying bird of the day, you will be surprised to discover, is another chaffinch. I must get out more.






Published by tootlepedal

Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

16 thoughts on “Time passes

  1. That is a fine newt picture.
    Glad you were not battered by too much rain. Lovely colours of the cosmos plants.

  2. Those blasted computer updates always seem to take place at the worst times and certainly do call for a glass of wine after! Great bee picture and I love the cosmos.

    1. They do always appear when you are in a hurry and they are always accompanied by fierce admonitions not to dare to touch your computer while they are wasting your time.

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