A drop of golden sun at last

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by her mother, shows the world’s greatest baby enjoying a very short nap the other day.

MatildaAs is customary on a Friday. Mrs Tootlepedal went off to Edinburgh to visit the world’s greatest baby and I was left to my own devices.  There was a little early morning rain and I waited until it had almost finished before setting out on the speedy bike for a short ride.

I had my rain jacket and peaked helmet on and the rain, seeing that I was well prepared, soon gave up and went off to annoy someone else.

The ride was along familiar roads and was photograph free because getting on and off the bike to take pictures is still a big pain and I am trying to keep going at as steady a pace as possible.  I managed 16 miles at a modest but respectable pace without making my hip feel worse and I hope to get back to doing some more substantial distances soon.

I had a walk/hobble round the garden when I got back and noticed a blackbird having a drink from the green house gutter.

blackbirdThe sedums are beginning to show a blush of red….

sedum…which is exciting as they are very good at attracting butterflies.  I looked carefully at the phlox to see if there were any butterflies hovering there…..

phlox….but was disappointed to find it looking pretty but devoid of butterflies. 

However, only a few feet away and eschewing colourful flowers for plain green foliage, I was pleased to see a red admiral butterfly enjoying a hint of sunshine..

red admiralThis was the only coloured butterfly that I could find but the garden was home to a great many white ones.  This one is a small white female (I think().

small white butterflyThe Icelandic poppies are still blooming and are still popular with the hoverfly community.  

Icelandic poppy with hoverfly
There are a great many different sorts of hoverflies. I think this one might be a syrphus but as always I am open to correction from anyone who knows.

I made myself some lunch (potato soup and sour dough bread), looked out of the window at a lone greenfinch on the feeder…

greenfinch….got some provisions together to help pass two lonely hours in the Tourist Information Point and cycled round to do my stint.

The council have really gone to town on begonias and the bank opposite my wind was a feast of colour.

begoniasI had a single visitor, a lady from Canada, but she was in chatty mood and together with a good crossword puzzle helped pass the time until I was ready to lock up and go down to the Kilngreen to buy an ice cream from the van and visit Mr Grumpy.

He was trying to keep a low profile.

By now, it was a lovely afternoon and the  ducks were snoozing in the sunshine.

duck sleepingIn my way home, I called in at Mike and Alison’s.  They had told me that their buddleia was a butterfly magnet and I wanted to see if this was in fact true.

It was true and I spent some happy time trying to get some photos to prove it.  I would have taken more but I kept on being jostled by butterflies eager to get to the buddleia.

peacock butterfly
A peacock
tortoiseshell butterfly
A small tortoiseshell
red admiral
A red admiral

I am going to have to encourage Mrs Tootlepedal to grow a buddleia.  She is not very fond of them as flowers but they do attract butterflies.

As a bonus, I got offered a nice cup of tea and a look at Mike and Alison exhaustive book of British Insects.  As always, there is a lot to learn.

After a last look at the butterflies….

peacock butterfly

red admiral butterfly…I made my way home and cooked my tea, a nourishing pot of mince.

I could hear a strange buzzing noise outside and it turned out to be one of these new drones that you can buy.

droneIt was flying over a garden in the next street along.  I can foresee quite a bit of trouble with these things if they become common.  They are very noisy and they must seem intrusive if they are flying near your home.

While my mince was resting in the pan, Sandy appeared and we went down to Canonbie to put our entries in for tomorrow’s Canonbie Flower Show.  I have entered one of Mrs Tootlepedal’s pictures of Matilda, the world’s greatest baby, which I think has got a better chance of winning a prize than any of mine.

The mince, which was enhanced by one of the last turnips from the garden,  tasted all the better for its rest when I got back and I was well sustained when Mike and Alison appeared.  Alison and I started work on an new sonata by Daniel Purcell and it went very well and will certainly be worth playing again.  Mrs Tootlepedal meanwhile returned from Edinburgh to join Mike in watching the European Athletic championships. 

There has been some very enjoyable sport to watch over the summer but the football season starts in earnest tomorrow and that means that things will go downhill.

In among all the butterflies, the flying chaffinch of the day looks positively dowdy.

flying chaffinch


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23 thoughts on “A drop of golden sun at last

  1. As always, gorgeous photos. Mr Grumpy has stolen my heart! Fingers crossed Mrs T’s photograph of Matilda TWGB is successful. That drone…personally I find it chilling.

  2. Enjoyed your shots of the butterflies. In the US they are starting to offer silencers for shotguns so you can “deal” with a drone should you find it sufficiently annoying.

  3. Your commentary was as witty as always and the butterflies were beautiful. That drone thing sounds a pesky nuisance, I hope they don’t take on here.

  4. A lovely picture atop your blog.
    Great butterfly photographs. And a splendid pic of Mr Grumpy trying to hide.

  5. So glad you got to photograph some colorful butterflies – great results! And of course I loved Mr. Grumpy. The world’s greatest baby is growing apace – she won’t be a baby for long! Scary to think what everyday people will be able to do with a drone. :/

  6. The butterfly photos are so good! I haven’t yet been able to photograph a Red Admiral with its wings open. With the cooler weather these past few days most of the butterflies have disappeared. You have found a good variety of them. I understand Mrs T’s reluctance to get a buddleia as they are untidy and dowdy most of the year but they are worth it for all the bees and butterflies.

  7. Wonderful photos, especially the butterflies. Red Admirals get around, I see, had no idea they were so widespread. I have never seen anything so amazing as the peacock. I am a bit late, need to get caught up with your previous posts.

      1. That would be wonderful. They have butterflies on display in the summer at the zoo close to my house; I went once years ago. I may have to schedule it next year.

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