Going the wrong way

Today’s guest picture was sent to Mrs Tootlepedal by the leader of the church choir, Muriel.  Muriel, who is a keen photographer, was at the Canonbie show and took this picture of some old fellow smiling inanely as he went up for a prize.

getting the shield

After yesterday’s rest, my legs were in mellow and co-operative mood this morning when Dropscone arrived after breakfast.  There was a strong and chilly east wind blowing so we decided that a ride round the traditional morning run in the wrong direction would be the best plan.

For once, a decision was the right one and after ten miles with the wind mostly behind us, the return ten miles into the wind turned out to be well sheltered from the blast and we kept our average speed up pretty well.

Dropscone’s scones were even bigger and better than usual but my appetite was up to the challenge.

After he left, I had my shower and then went out into the garden to see what Mrs Tootlepedal was up to.  I was hardly out of the door before she called me over to show me a beautiful new poppy.

pink shirley poppy

It was undoubtedly the best yet from her mixed packet of seeds.  To make things even better, another white one had come out and two more striking flowers pushed themselves in front of the camera to go with it.

shirley poppies

The plums are ripening well…


…and my diet mostly consists of plums and potatoes at the moment.  Mrs Tootlepedal made plum crumble today.

Near the back door, the orange hawkweed has had a second lease of life.

orange hawkweed

Then I got out the slow bike and pottered up to the High Street to visit the chemist and was pleased to find that it was actually open today.

After lunch (potato soup), we took things easy – Mrs Tootlepedal, because she had had a long day with Matilda in Edinburgh yesterday and I, because I was trying to keep my legs sweet for a planned longer cycle ride tomorrow if all goes well.

It wasn’t too long though before we were back out in the garden as the front lawn needed mowing and Mrs Tootlepedal has embarked on a comprehensive redesign of several beds.

I couldn’t resist taking another shot of the pretty poppy…

pink shirley poppy (2)

…as it will be gone by tomorrow and another of the same sort may not appear.

Mrs Tootlepedal paused from her garden redesign to dig up most of our main crop potatoes…

main crop potatoes

…which have done well and seem to be slug free unlike the earlies.

While I was in the veg garden, I noticed a pair of French beans trying a little ballet pose.

french beans

A white butterfly fluttered past me and settled.

white butterfly

Past the greenhouse among the sunflowers, yellow and orange crocosmias grow together.


For some reason which is not apparent to me, as it was a very pleasant day as far as the weather went and tomorrow is supposed to be fine as well, the birds attacked the sunflower hearts with tremendous gusto today and by five o’clock they had got through two complete fillings.

busy feeder

This was a typical scene.  As a result, flying birds were ten a penny.

flying sparrow

flying chaffinch

Although I have done very little today, the fact that it was a largely  sunny day and I had a pedal, mowed a lawn and then rounded the day off with a trip to Carlisle to have a tootle with our recorder group meant that it was officially classified as a very good day.   The tootle was most enjoyable and my legs were happy about things too which was a bonus.

The official flying bird of the day is a chaffinch.

flying chaffinch

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29 thoughts on “Going the wrong way

    1. We have been is overrun with sparrows that the chaffinches have left us alone a bot but in recent days there seems to have been a bit of a chaffinch resurgence so I hope that more flying chaffinches will appear soon.

  1. Glad the day went so well. I must say you look splendid in the photograph, I wish I were as slim as you. The poppies are magnificent. that was a good packet of seeds.

  2. Splendid picture of the prize-giving.
    The poppies are indeed amazing and worth a number of photographs.

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