Taking things easy

Today’s guest picture shows my brother scaling a mountain in New Zealand.   He is very energetic.  If he sees a mountain, he climbs it.

My Week Aug 21-26 2014 - 6Our recent spell of chilly mornings came to end today and it was pleasantly mild when I poked my nose out of the back door for the first time.  This was rather late as I had enjoyed a lie in after the exertion of trying to keep up with Scott on our hilly cycle ride yesterday.

On fact the whole day was very peaceful as I had come to an agreement with my legs to give them a rest.  I am quite keen not to undo the good progress that I have made in sorting out my recent joint problems.  This progress was achieved by my usual therapeutic method of moaning a lot and waiting till things get better.  It always works if you can manage to moan loudly enough and wait patiently enough.

Yet another stunning poppy had appeared today.

Shirley poppyThey are ephemeral though and it will soon look like this.

Shirley poppy
One of yesterday’s stars fading.

The insects were going mad and every poppy seemed to have either a bee or a hoverfly on it in the morning.  I saw one poppy which had three bees on it simultaneously.

Shirley poppy
One hadn’t quite worked out where the pollen was.

Apart from grappling with a tricky crossword, my only activities of the morning were to mow the middle lawn and walk round the garden with Sandy and a friend when they dropped on for a visit on their way to lunch.

I am an expert in letting time pass without pestering it.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to Brydekirk to help with the driving for the disabled and was unlucky enough to find the only two hours in the day when it was raining.  The sun came out before she was finished though and dried her up before she had to drive home.

I spent the afternoon hunched over my computer trying to choose 14 pictures to enter in the forthcoming Westerkirk show.  As one of the classes is for flower portraits, I was spoiled for choice.  This made getting down to just three entries all the harder but you I finally settled on three and you may not be surprised to hear that Shirley poppies figure among the  chosen trio.

In between times, I stared out of the kitchen window.  The birds are still attacking the sunflower hearts with gusto and luckily my supplier brought me a new big bag of them just as I was about to run out.

busy feederWe are currently playing host to swarms of sparrows and chaffinches with an odd siskin or two and a family of blue tits.

blue titI saw a great tit and a goldfinch today but sadly not when I had a camera handy.

It was very breezy today and the birds were getting ruffled.

ruffled chaffinchruffled chaffinchWe are in a plum glut….

plums…as more and more are ripening every day.  Luckily, they taste delicious and I am living on a diet of plums and potatoes.  Mrs Tootlepedal is busy cooking plums and preparing plums for storage and giving plums to friends but there is no sign of them running out. 

In the early evening, I was looking out of an upstairs window and thought that the view was worth recording.  the box balls have got their golden covering back after their annual clip and flanked by cosmos and phlox, they add a vivid touch of colour to the garden.

box ballsIn the evening, Sandy came round and we went to the Archive Centre and put a couple of weeks of the newspaper index into the database.  I notice that the data miners have got ahead of me and have just started on a new year, 1888.  This means that we will shortly have entered 40 years of the index into the database. 

While we were archiving, Mrs Tootlepedal was at the Buccleuch Centre having an entertaining evening watching the talented and industrious youth theatre members in their annual musical show .  As it lasted nearly three hours, I was not quite as sorry to have missed the show as I might have been.

Today’s flying bird is another of those hungry chaffinches.

flying chaffinch




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22 thoughts on “Taking things easy

  1. The flying bird looks quite surprised! Mrs. T’s garden is ablaze with colour – all part of her plan, I’m sure, but still lovely to see this late in the summer.

  2. I think that your birds are hungry because of all the time they spend flying around the garden so that you have plenty of chances for flying bird photos. 😉

    Good luck in the photography show!

  3. Nice chaffinches, Tom. Unfortunately, one of my knee joint is giving me gyp at the moment; I rely on Ibuprofen gel, which does help.

  4. We have inherited a feeder and some fat balls from Commando Senior. We’ve never fed the birds consistently in the past because of Fluffy the cat but now she has sadly gone we have put them out. We spent a happy afternoon on the loungers watching a host of sparrows sitting in the tree trying to work up the courage to have a oh at them when we were so close. Sadly my phone is not up to bird photos, flying or otherwise.

  5. Thank you for the new view of your garden from the window. That bench looks like a perfect spot to work the crossword and enjoy a cup of tea.

    That first shot of the poppy is a stunner. Also loved the blue tit hanging off the feeder. That one gave me a real smile.

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