Today’s guest picture shows a splendid book bench in London.  My sister Mary sent me the photo.  It celebrates ‘The Railway Children’   (My eldest sister Susan took some  pictures of other examples of these benches and you can see them on one of her posts here.)

The Railway ChildrenIt was a warm and calm but cloudy day today and Dropscone and I went on our morning pedal to Gair and back in a well ordered and relaxed manner.  Interestingly, we only took a minute longer than we had on our helter skelter effort on the same route yesterday. 

Highly trained athletes require scientifically worked out recovery sessions after their training.  Aged and creaking cyclists with dodgy joints have the same requirements but they are less scientifically worked out.  After coffee and scones, pretty well the whole of the rest of the day was a rest day for me.  I am not one of the most patient people that I know and I find resting a very restless activity but needs must and I did very little all day other than a little dead heading in the garden. 

As a result, I have very little to write about today but the garden gave me plenty to photograph.  The endless stream of poppy pictures flows onward.

Pink and complicated
Pink and complicated
Pink and simple (with friend)
Pink and simple (with friend)
Red and bold.
Red and bold.

There is a fine campanula plant which is doing very well.  Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that this is because she cut back the main stems when they had finished flowering and, as a result, many little side stems are hard at work now.

campanulasShe bought one packet of mixed marigold seeds this year and didn’t even use them all but the garden is full of marigolds wherever you look. 

This particular set were planted put by my stepmother Patricia when she came to visit earlier in the year.
This particular set were planted out by my stepmother Patricia when she came to visit earlier in the year.

Individually they are a knockout.

marigoldI am always pleasantly surprised that the expenditure of less than a fiver on two packets of seeds can produce the glorious display of Shirley poppies and marigolds that I enjoy looking at every day.  Of course I realise that it involves a good deal of hard work and specialist knowledge as well and I am also always pleased to be married to someone who likes hard work and has the knowledge.

As well as the conspicuous flowers in the garden, there are some very nice foliage patterns to catch the eye.

tropaeolum leaves
These tropaeolum leaves stand out well against the yew tree behind them

There is always talk of the falling population of bees and other pollinators in the country but if that is true, most of them seem to be in our garden.  They like to visit the poppies and the cosmos in the morning and the sedum after lunch.

bee on cosmosinsects on sedumThere has been a little lull in the number of birds visiting lately but they are still very belligerent.  I expect this is because a lot of them are still young and don’t know any better.

bad feeder behaviourbad feeder behaviourWhoever is responsible for painting the blackbirds should resign as they are doing a very patchy job at the moment.

blackbird A greenfinch was checking if it was safe to come down.

greenfinch peeringI spent some of my resting time preparing pictures for the Westerkirk Horticultural Show on Saturday.  I won the cup there last year but I don’t think that I have got the pictures to retain it this year.  Still, you never know what is going to appeal to a judge so I will have my fingers crossed.

In the evening, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to listen to a discussion about women and independence as part of the run up to our referendum later in the month and I went off to the first meeting of the new session for the Langholm Community Choir, Langholm Sings.  We are going to be singing three sings in a concert in the Kirk in three weeks time so we had to settle down and start practising straight away.  Luckily the songs that have been chosen are within our capability and fun to sing.   It was a good start to the new season.

My only flying bird shot of the day was a fleeting glimpse of a departing siskin.

siskin back view




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20 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Despite not being your usual energetic self you produced some fine pictures. I loved the last two of birds particularly. Glad the choir practice was enjoyable and hope today is a better day for you.

  2. Susan’s post was very good. I remember it well and I’d like to see those benches. You certainly had good value for money from the poppy and marigold seeds. I think I shall copy Mrs T next year, at least on the poppy front.

  3. I’m trying to get caught up with your posts from the last week as it seems a lot has happened; I apologize for my tardiness. You continue to inspire me in all your pursuits. So much so I have let a friend talk me into a festival choir that she took part in last year. Love the bees, poppies and your sister’s photo.

    1. You will enjoy the choir I am sure. Please don’t feel any obligation to plough through missed posts. I feel guilty about putting you to so much trouble.

      1. Please don’t feel guilty, I’m the one who owns the guilt in this regard! I will go back to catching up and commenting when possible. 🙂

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