Hail Petronius Fortunatus

Today’s guest picture shows another of the book benches spotted by my sister Mary.  Prizes for guessing the book title without looking at the writing in the corner.

On the Origin of SpeciesI had such a successful day of rest yesterday doing nothing much that I decided to sit about all day today again.

The curious may click the map to see where I did my sitting.

Garmin 4 Sept 14

I was sitting about for so long that I had no time to take pictures of birds or flowers and indeed the day was so hazy that was not much point in taking pictures at all (but that has never stopped me).

I sat around both in Scotland and in England and this involved crossing the Esk and the Eden rivers. Neither was at their best in the gloomy light.


Esk and Eden
The Eden on my way out and the Esk on my return. The light had not improved.

In England it is a different world from our stone built environment.  Over there they have bricks and welcoming pubs.

Brick built pubAnd the churches are compact with square towers.

English ChurchesThey also have that very rare thing, an absolutely flat road.

Near Port CarlisleIn the evening I went off to Carlisle with Susan and I did some more sitting down as we had a final practice for our concert on Saturday.  This was the first one for three weeks with all six of our group present so it was quite important.

So that was it, an unusually dull but very satisfying day.

Note: Who was Petronius Fortunatus?  Like me today, he was a centurion on Hadrian’s Wall.  As there was little or no wind, I felt very Fortunatus.


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

16 thoughts on “Hail Petronius Fortunatus

  1. Inactive Centurion. The North Cumbrian Solway plain: well known to me. Silloth: my late father Police Sergeant 49’s last posting. Fond memories. We also lived in Wigton and from our house there on clear days (unlike yesterday it seems), Langholm monument was visible.

  2. If our English roads are in good repair heaven only knows what yours are like! Sometimes it feels like my teeth are going to fall out driving on some of the ones around here 🙂

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