Short sighted

Today’s guest picture is a view of the financial heart of London seen from the verdant pastures of Greenwich Park by my sister Mary.

View of the City and Canary WharfWe had yet another fine and generally sunny day today and it was pleasant but a little chilly when I rose much earlier than usual and went off to fill the Moorland bird feeders.  Sandy has changed his work routine and this has left a gap on Wednesdays for a volunteer filler.  I am filling that gap for the time being.

It was no hardship being up on the moor on such a good morning.

Tarras Valley
Tarras valley filled with morning mist

I had been expecting to see some fungi at this time of year but I wasn’t expecting to see quite as big a crop as these under the bird feeders

Broomholmshiels mushroomsI didn’t stay long as I was busy and anyway I didn’t have my zoom lens with me to photogrpah any birds but if I had had time to dawdle, I would have taken it as it was a grand spot to be on such a lovely morning.  I was soon on the road home though.

broomholmshielsWhen I got back to town, I dropped the car off at the garage and walked back across the Esk and arrived home just in time for breakfast.  This short walk reminded me of what a good idea a new knee would be.

After breakfast, Dropscone arrived for an outing to Gair for our morning pedal.  After a summer with no problems from my asthma at all, it has annoyingly turned up again from time to time for some unknown reason and this meant a slow start and gentle effort on the hills for our ride.   Dropscone is very agreeable in moderating his early pace to my needs and once I got warmed up, we completed the trip in good order and at a reasonable but not extravagant pace.

While we were sipping our coffee, I noticed a nuthatch on the feeder.  This is a very rare appearance but it had flown off long before I had got a camera organised.  After coffee and scones, Dropscone left (to play golf of course) and I wandered round the garden. 

Shirley poppies
The Shirley poppies continue to thrive…and to need dead heading
The late astrantias are glorious

I did quite a bit of unsuccessful butterfly chasing and in the end, went inside to watch the birds through the kitchen window.

great tit
We had several visits from a great tit today
great and blue tits
It shared the feeder with a blue tit

We were hoping that the car would be fixed today as Mrs Tootlepedal needs it tomorrow so we were very pleased when the garage rang soon after lunch to say that it was ready.

Mrs Tootlepedal and I walked up to collect it and as it was still a lovely day, we made a diversion over the Langholm Moor on our way home.

We went down into the Upper Tarras valley…

Tarras valley….where Mrs Tootlepedal sat on one of the rather severe looking picnic benches…..

Tarras picnic benches
More comfortable than they look

…and watched a raptor, probably a buzzard, soaring over the distant skyline.  I looked a little closer to home.

The whole frame is filled by the legs of this creature
seasonal thistledown
Seasonal thistledown

Once again I was unable to linger as I was expecting a parcel delivery which I didn’t want to miss so we headed home, stopping on our way to look at some bog asphodel making a pretty sight among the last of the heather.

bog asphodelWe weren’t long home before my parcel arrived.  I took some experimental pictures with its contents.

insect on sedumpeacock butterflyinsect on cosmosI think that it will turn out to have been a good buy.  I certainly hope to have fun with it.

In the evening, Mrs Tootlepedal and I went to a practice with Langholm Sings, our local community choir, where we had another go at the three songs which we are going to sing in a concert on Friday week.  We have plenty of scope for improvement and one more practice to go.   Ah well.

In the absence of a picture of the visiting nuthatch, a tried and tested chaffinch is the flying bird if the day.

flying chaffinch







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36 thoughts on “Short sighted

    1. I agree with both your observations. I will try to get up early more often and I will try to learn how to use the new lens to its best advantage.

  1. Your pictures are a treat to see. The insects and bird shots are amazing. Looks like the garden flowers are at a similar stage as mine.

  2. I wonder if your asthma is playing up because of your bung knee? Maybe your inflammatory markers are up and causing an immune response in your lungs because of it? Love your photos today. Especially those lovely red poppies.

    1. I don’t think so. The knee is a long standing problem and my asthma has been very good over the summer. It will be dust, seeds or pollen or some such irritant most likely.

  3. Congratulations on the new macro lens, your photos from it are very good already. I hope that you point that lens towards the astrantias before they are done for the year.

  4. The new piece of photographic equipment seems to be most satisfactory from the viewers point of view. Sorry about your knee. Roll on the operation.

  5. Great pictures with the contents of the parcel.
    Sorry about the asthma. Lovely early morning light.
    Good to know help with the knee is on the way.

  6. Beautiful, and your photo of the great tit caused a sensation when it was shown round the table (on a smart phone) over dinner in a Long Beach, Washington restaurant tonight.

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