Back to normal

Today’s guest picture shows my brother Andrew skiing on Mt Ruahepu in New Zealand.  He gets about.

Skiing at Mt RuapehuAfter the excitement of yesterday’s grand day out, we were back to normal today, dead heading poppies, wandering about the garden, watching birds, cooking, cleaning and ironing.  (You can guess which of those things I took most part in.)

We started the day by clearing a large backlog of ‘stuff that needed to be looked at sometime’ that had been lying on the kitchen table.  Some was thrown away, some dealt with by writing cheques and delivering envelopes and some was filed in the proper place.  This made us feel very virtuous.

I went out for a celebratory walk round the garden.

The poppies hadn’t got any less lovely while we had been away and the buzz of interested insects around them was distractingly loud.  Almost every flower seemed to have a friend.

Shirley poppyI did find three that hadn’t attracted any company.

Shirley poppy
Some were still showing the results of last night’s rain.

A bee on the sedum looked as though it had got a bit wet too.

bee on sedumMy new lens makes it more easy than using the zoom lens to take shots of several flowers at a time.

Shirley poppyI used the 300mm zoom to take this picture of some berberis berries though as it does better in blanking out the background.

berberisIt’s horses for courses however and the macro lens came out again for a shot of the white clematis.

white clematis…and two bonus roses which have just come out.

rosesI was very pleased to see a robin posing in front of the kitchen window.

robinA goldfinch looked rather unsure of whether visiting the feeder was a good idea.

goldfinch I made some lentil soup for my lunch and then I ate some lentil soup for my lunch.

After lunch we went shopping to replenish the store cupboard and then, as it was a pleasantly sunny day, we went for a fourteen mile cycle ride round the Barnglieshead triangle.

I had Pocketcam with me.

The rough pasture has gone brown.
Some of the trees are just starting to turn too.
We weren’t surrounded by mountains but our way was still beautiful.
Looking homeward as we passed Bloch Farm

As you can see, this was the second day running that we have enjoyed perfect conditions for cycling.

When we got home, I spent some time chasing butterflies.

peacock butterfly
The purple phlox is very popular with this peacock butterfly

There was an unusually furry yellowish bee on a nearby plant.

yellow beeI also went stalking bees on the sedum.  This wasn’t too hard as there must have been twenty or thirty tucking in.

bee on sedum
Very hairy knees.
bee on sedum
Stained glass window wings

Owing to differing commitments, there was no recorder group tonight and I was both disappointed to miss playing  and pleased as I was happy to have a quiet night in.

As a change from the eternal chaffinches, the flying bird of the day is a rather blurred robin.

flying robin

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

27 thoughts on “Back to normal

  1. Mr Tootlepedal, You take the most wonderful photographs, such a lovely way to start the morning (it’s breakfast time in Australia) going through your wonderful pics. Thank you for visiting my blog. It feels good to be back in the blogosphere.

  2. It has’t taken you long to get the hang of macro photography, that’s for sure! Or, to know when to use which lens.

    The countryside was beautiful, but I have to ask a question, doesn’t any one live in the country there in Scotland? I see signs of agriculture, do the farmers live in town? There’s no place within 200 miles of where I live that I could shoot a wide landscape as you do so often, and not have houses show up in my photo.

  3. stunning young Robin looking very smart and fresh after going through its post juvenile moult.. C

  4. Your close-ups today are really the “bee’s knees” – I loved them! And that robin is wonderful, too, and the unexpected new roses. This post was a treat from beginning to end!

  5. The new lens is serving you very well, the bees were wonderful. We had a little robin in our garden the other day but I didn’t manage to get a picture.

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