Gently does it.

Today’s guest picture, in the absence of exciting offerings from anyone else, is another from my sister Mary’s portfolio.  It shows the restored  but thoroughly beached Cutty Sark at Greenwich.  It is sitting on a visitor centre.Cutty Sark

In a severe shock to the system, it was actually raining when Dropscone and I started out on our regular morning cycle ride.  Fortunately it wasn’t raining very hard and it stopped from time to time so we never got really wet and were able to sit down for coffee without having to change clothes first.

The coffee was enlivened by some pain au chocolate and a curious loaf like structure which was cooked in the style of a hot cross bun.  Dropscone had obtained these at a very advantageous price by visiting a supermarket in Hawick just before closing time on his way back home from a meeting last night.

The rain was too light and too intermittent to make any useful contribution in the garden and Mrs Tootlepedal had to do some watering in the afternoon.  She is working very hard to improve the garden at the moment, adding compost, manure and bonemeal to the soil where she has cleared plants which are not in her plan any longer.  She is hoping that the combination of better soil conditions and more light and air will have a beneficial effect on the shrubs and flowers next season.  I just hope that we get the good weather to make this happen.

The light was poor and I was feeling a bit tired today so I did a few useful things but at such a stately pace that they filled the whole day and I didn’t take my camera out until the afternoon.  The useful things included paying bills, ordering coffee, turning compost and mowing the front lawn….

lawn…which now has an elegant stripe on top of a mass of moss.  If the weather permits, I will get the scarifier out and give it a good going over soon.

On looking back over the day, I didn’t do much sitting around so the pace of my activities should perhaps be described as glacial rather than stately.

I did take a picture or two in the garden in the late afternoon.  I was looking for birds with my zoom lens on the camera but when I didn’t see anything interesting, I shot a bee instead.  Although I got a good close up with the zoom, it is nowhere near as sharp as the macro lens.

bee zoomI did put the macro lens on to look at some flowers but the wind was blowing and the light fading so the results weren’t exciting.

contrasting marigolds
Contrasting marigolds
sweet pea
A delicate sweet pea
A clematis at its best
…and one on its last legs

I did catch a tiny fly when it interrupted a proposed flower shot….

fly on poppy…but I was really trying to catch this poppy.

Shirley poppyI couldn’t put the camera away without looking at the astrantia.

astrantiaIn the evening, I went to Carlisle with Susan to play with our recorder group.  One member is off for a few weeks attending a pottery class and another was poorly so we were just a quartet this week. This gave us the opportunity to play some fresh music and we enjoyed it.  I should add that I don’t need to go to pottery classes myself as I am quite pottery enough already.

The autumn equinox has passed and for the first time for several months, it was darkish as we drove down to Carlisle.  Add to that the fact that it was raining as we drove home and it is no surprise that we felt that a splendid summer has well and truly ended.  There may be good days to come but the dark nights are here for another six months now.

I did catch a flying bird as I idled about.

flying chaffinch

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16 thoughts on “Gently does it.

  1. May I say that you appear never to be “idling about”. This blog post, as always, is full of all the things you managed to fit into a busy day.
    I was particularly impressed with your stripy lawn. Well done.
    Congratulations to Mrs T in working on improving the soil, I am sure she will be well rewarded. Feed the soil first is my mantra, and amazing things will follow.
    I covet your macro lens. Amazing shots.

  2. I enjoyed your weedy ‘pottery’ joke and the beautiful sweet pea. Sorry the good weather seems to have come to an end, maybe you are being too pessimistic.

  3. Thank you and your sister for the photo of the Cutty Sark. In my youth, I built a model of that ship, the first elaborate model that I tackled, took me months to finish the rigging.

    It’s difficult to fathom a more beautiful garden than Mrs. T has now, but I’m sure that her hard work will pay off.

  4. That astranthia has been very good value for money. It sounds like a perfect day to be just pottering about. I think I’d have gone to the pottery class though, I remember it being good fun when I was at college.

  5. Very interesting guest photo today.

    We all need a day of just pottering about sometimes. You still manage to pack a lot into a day, even when you move “glacially”. 🙂

    I wonder if we can get your type of marigolds here in the U.S.

  6. A beautiful delicate sweet pea. The tiny fly was interesting – I note the sparse hairs on its body which I would never have seen without your macro photo.

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