A slow day

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone, who was at Wembley Stadium on Sunday to watch a game of American Football.  I must say that I thought that American footballers would look a little fiercer than this but what do I know?

WembleyDropscone had got back safely from his London adventure by today and turned up after breakfast ready for the morning run.  He was on his slower bike as he hadn’t had time to mend his recent puncture.  It turned out that a thorn had gone through the tyre in two places.  I was quite pleased at the appearance of the slower bike as I was feeling a little leg weary but we got round in quite a good time anyway.

There were two slight downsides to the ride.  The first was a cloud of small flies that we had to battle through near Waterbeck and the second was that it rained gently on us as we neared home.  We survived.

The minister, with his unerring sense of timing, appeared bang on schedule for a cup of coffee and a scone.  He was hoping that I would be able to go to Lanercost with him tomorrow but I have another engagement and had to decline.  As this would have been another 50 mile ride, my legs were secretly quite pleased.

After Dropscone and the minister had wended their ways home, I had a quick walk round the garden.  The nasturtiums were looking very fine.

nasturtiumsAnd there were two delicate pink flowers to admire.

poppy and sweet peaI didn’t hang about though and after my shower, I got out the scarifier and scarified and mowed the middle lawn.  It looked better for it.

Then I made some lentil and carrot soup for my lunch and relaxed over the crossword puzzle.

A few birds returned to the feeder but not in any great numbers.  There was a small bunch of goldfinches at one time…

goldfinches…but they weren’t very co-operative at providing flying bird opportunities…

goldfinches…or at least, I wasn’t very good at taking them when they occurred.

Sitting sparrows were an easier target but the light was not helpful.


The afternoon got progressively gloomier and rain was always threatening so I gave the raspberry bushes a good picking and went inside to make 5 lbs of raspberry jam.  I am now banned from making any more jam of any sort as we have enough to last us for a year (or more).

Mrs Tootlepedal was outside grappling with the unwelcome appearance of some honey fungus on a viburnum which had to be dug up and disposed of.  This is not the sort of thing that you want to have in your garden at all so prompt action was required.

Altogether, it was not a good day for taking pictures and a slightly downbeat end to a wonderful month of weather in September.

In the evening, Susan drove me to Carlisle where we enjoyed some good recorder playing with our group.

Though it wasn’t the most exciting of days, any day with a pedal, some lawn care and a tootle must go down on the credit side of the ledger even if a rather cloudy goldfinch was the best that I could do for a flying bird of the day.

flying goldfinch

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16 thoughts on “A slow day

  1. That example of American football does look rather meek alongside regular world-class style, doesn’t it? But, the uniforms are fabulous!! Your flying bird picture has a very artsy quality to it. Nicely done!

  2. Wind kicked up last night, and there was a light covering of snow this morning. Snow has been falling on and off all day, however, no accumulation. Our Fall was far too short this year, and some lentil and carrot soup would have been lovely for this chilly day. I am reminded of a Dinner Theater my daughter’s class put on many years ago…the soup was lentil 🙂

      1. Brisk but beautiful today, was a nice 91 in the greenhouse this afternoon. Harvested rainbow carrots, spinach, and a wonderful greens mix. We are in the first year of our school district greenhouse, and hoping to harvest greens through November. Plans for indoor hydroponics during our darkest months has me all kinds of excited.

  3. I don’t remember any of the football players that I tackled ever looking like that, and I’m sure that I would remember if they did. 😉

    Have you tried your macro lens out on birds yet?

      1. Macro lenses only differ from other lenses in that they focus closer, and are usually close to the best a manufacturer produces. People often use macro lenses for portraits because of the high image quality.

        I’m guessing that you have the Nikon 105 mm since you mentioned VR. If so, limit the focus range to speed up the focusing and give it a try on birds. I think that you’ll get sharper images as close as you are able to get to birds at times.

  4. You fitted a lot of interesting and energetic things into your day. Glad to see a sweet pea still about.

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