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Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s recent walk in Regent’s Park.

birds do like to line upOur recent spell of good weather came to end with a vengeance today.  The wind had roared through the night and when I got up, I went out into the garden to take a picture of the poppies and sunflowers on the grounds that there may be none left by tomorrow.

There were a few poppies remaining
There were a few poppies remaining
Some sunflowers were still upright but many were laid low on the ground behind the fence.

At least it wasn’t raining.  That didn’t last long though.  The business of the day was a trip to Edinburgh to visit the world’s greatest baby and by the time we had got to the station at Lockerbie, the rain was pouring down.

Fortunately, the train beat the bad weather to the east coast and we were able to walk through Edinburgh in no more than the faintest drizzle.  I thought that I ought to take a picture or two just to prove that I had been there.

Two uncharacteristically white buildings near Holyroodhouse
Mary's bathhouse
And a marked contrast nearby.

We arrived at Matilda’s house safely and the rest of the day was spent in dancing attendance on Matilda.

Mum and Al
Granny stares at Matilda as father prepares to record the scene.
Matilda and clare
Matilda stares back while mother admires TWGB
Grandpa and matilda
I do my bit  (photo by father Al)

Matilda kindly allowed us to take her and her parents out to lunch at a nice Italian restaurant in Easter Road where she was received rapturously by the waiter, who had a child of exactly the same age.

It wasn’t a day for a stroll in the personal travel solution as it was raining steadily so we retired indoors and spent some happy hours trying to tempt Matilda to roll over onto her front of her own accord.

She told us some amusing stories to pass the time too.

grandpa, Granny and matilda
(photo by father Al)

There was one chance to take a flower picture so I took it.

flowers in the kitchenAll too soon, it was time to trudge through the rain and catch the train back to Lockerbie.   It only takes an hour so we were soon there.  The rain was bucketing down when we got to the station.  There was a waterfall coming down the steps of the footbridge over the tracks and by the time we got to the car, raindrops were actually coming through the fabric of my umbrella into my head.   The only upside was that the strong winds had dropped.

The drive home is along narrow and twisty roads and I drove at a very steady pace in case of floods or fallen trees. We met many large puddles across the road and the wind and rain had deposited a lot of leaves too but we negotiated these minor hazards safely and arrived home intact.

It was a real pleasure to see Al and Clare and Matilda and I hope to return soon (but in much better weather).  With luck, I might be able to meet my other son Tony, who also lives in Edinburgh but who lives a very busy life as his work takes him all over the place.

There was no chance to catch a flying bird today so I finish with another black and white, this time of Hermitage Castle, taken in August.

Hermitage black and white

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18 thoughts on “Sitting about

  1. The joy of growing old, not afforded many? is that you can delight in the pleasures of others

  2. It sounds like you are having much the same weather we have been getting. Matilda is such a charmer, and it looks cozy indoors. I like the old castle too.

  3. How nice for a sister, sister-in-law, aunt and great aunt to see all those family pictures, It was most enjoyable.

    Your final picture is another prizeworthy one.

  4. Lovely pictures of yourselves, her parents and beautiful Matilda. Glad we were able to join you on the visit.

  5. Your poor garden! As I type this I am watching an enormous ball of pyracantha prunings that I forgot to do something with yesterday, roll at speed up the drive. Your grandaughter is so very lovely.

    1. The damage turned out not to have been as drastic as the forecast suggested it would be but our lovely summer certainly seems to have ground to halt at last.

  6. What a shame there was so much rain and you had no chance to walk around Edinburgh with Matilda. I’m sure she could have shown you some sights 🙂

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