Going clubbing

Today’s guest picture comes from my Newcastle correspondent and shows her children clearly enjoying a visit to Cragside.

hannah and leoI had to put on my waterproof trousers and pick up my largest and stoutest umbrella to walk up to the Day Centre after breakfast  to collect a key for a meeting in the evening.

Dropscone and I had agreed to meet for coffee this morning without the bother of going cycling first and a very good decision this turned out to be as it was pouring with rain at cycling time.  The added bonus of not cycling was that Dropscone had the time to  make some of his eponymous drop scones and they go very well with  home made raspberry jam.

Birds were rather scarce in the morning as the sparrowhawk made a few ominous passes through the garden.  Although it didn’t catch anything, it certainly kept the small birds away from the feeder for quite a bit of time.  The rain had eased off by the time coffee was finished and I was able to watch a few brave or stupid chaffinches and sparrows come to get seed.

chaffinch landing
Sometimes quietly
chaffinch landing
And sometimes with menace.

By midday it was nice enough to allow me to take stroll outside.  We have some colour still there.

Goodness, another poppy.
Special Grandma
Special Grandma has battled through the weather.
The cotoneaster doesn’t seem to appeal to our local birds.

But colour is fading as well.

nasturtium leavesAfter lunch, I had time for a quick stare out of the window….

chaffinch landing
Chaffinches were still landing, some peacefully…..
chaffinch landing
…and some with menace again.

…before it was time to go off to play trios with Isabel and Mike.  Mike has discovered a another nice trio by Telemann for flute, cello and keyboard which meant we had two Telemann trios to play today.  This is pretty well the definition of having a good time.

When I got home, the sun had come out and it was a lovely evening.  Yet more chaffinches were arriving at the feeder.

chaffinch landingflying chaffinchAnd a robin kindly posed for me too in the last of the light.

robinA final quick scoot round the garden showed that the Japanese anemones are still in good health.

Japanese anemonesI would have liked to take the opportunity to go for a quick walk after playing with Mike and Isabel but it was flute lesson day and that took precedence.  Luke’s music reading has improved a lot over the past year and we can learn new music more quickly now.

I didn’t have much time to sit down when Luke left, because I had to eat my tea quickly and then go out to a meeting which we have organised to see if there is a demand for a monthly camera club in the town. Several keen local photographers go across to Newcastleton to the camera club there but it has been felt that there might be a demand for a non competitive club in Langholm too.  An attendance of seventeen with a few apologies make it look as though this is true.

At any rate, we formed a small committee and arranged two more monthly meetings so we have made a start.  The format of the meetings is that any of those present can bring along up to ten pictures on a memory stick and show them to the meeting.  We hope that members will enjoy sharing their experiences and be able to give and receive suggestions and advice in a friendly atmosphere.  Six members had brought pictures for this first meeting and they were well received.  We all felt that the first meeting was very promising.

When I got home, the almost full moon was lighting my way to the back door.

moonThe flying bird of the day is one of the incoming chaffinches.

flying chaffinch

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19 thoughts on “Going clubbing

  1. That’s a great shot of the moon. I still think that your robins are much cuter than ours.
    A camera club sounds like a great idea. It’s amazing how sharing simple little tricks we’ve learned can help improve our skills.

  2. I also think your robins are cuter than ours, but I love our robins. Seeing them in the spring, along with the first ‘flower show’ of the crocus is always a most welcome sight. When my children were growing up, it was tradition to go for many Spring walks looking for that first showing.

  3. You’ve posted many humorous photos of birds before, but the one with the bird on an imaginary perch is the tops so far!

    I hope that the camera club takes off, I think that you’ll enjoy it, if you can fit it into your schedule.

  4. Glad the possible camera club got off to a good start, it sounds a very good idea and one more activity to fit into your already busy schedule!

  5. Wow, that moon shot is amazing!! I also liked the composition of the ivy leaves, something about that really struck a chord in me. And the robin, of course! How exciting about the camera club – it sounds like a wonderful thing to be able to share your hobby with others who are equally enthusiastic.

  6. It’s pouring with rain here and I’m just about to battle my way through it to work. Your post brightened my morning.

    My blog has been hacked and I’m not sure if I will ever get any of it back. Right now I’m not sure I want to even try. Tom, if you haven’t already, back up your blog. It would be terrible if it was all lost!

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