Fairly fruitless walk

Today’s guest picture, from my brother’s camera, speaks for itself.

Rotorua Sept 2014 - 5

There was little or no wind and the thermometer was showing a very stingy 4.5°C when Dropscone, Scott and I set out for a morning pedal to Gair and back after breakfast.   As a result, the start of our journey was shrouded in a clammy mist which made things feel even colder. Happily, we came out of the mist and into sunshine after three or four miles.  The sun shining on the mist beside us as we climbed up the hill past Wauchope Schoolhouse gave rise to a natural phenomenon which I have never seen before, a white rainbow.

This is of course a contradiction in terms but it was a perfectly formed and quite small white arch, apparently just a few yards away from us and I wondered if my cycling glasses were removing the colour from it but a look over the top of them showed that this was not the case.  The effect was quite magical and the more so, as Dropscone observed, because we may never see such a sight again.

The ride itself was slightly unsatisfactory because we rarely managed to find a speed that suited all three of us at the same time but we got round safely and enjoyed the scones and coffee afterwards.

It was such a lovely day that when the coffee klatch broke up, Mrs Tootlepedal and I took the car up to the White Yett to see if the mist was still hanging around the valley below in a picturesque way.  We were a few minutes too late and the mist was visibly rising as we drove up the hill but there were still some photo opportunities to be had when we got there.

Craig hill from Whita

ewes valley with mistView from White yett

View from White yett
The memorial to Hugh McDiarmid, the Langholm burn poet.

We intended to drive home over the hill with the mist pouring over it which is featured in the second picture above but the road was shut due to timber felling so we turned back and used the direct route instead.

I had a quick walk round the garden when we got back.  There is still colour to be seen (and eaten).

autumn garden colour

And there are still a few insects to enjoy as well.

insect on delphinium

I enjoyed this one so much that I am taking the liberty of putting a second shot of it in.

insect on delphinium

It is visiting a pale delphinium.  What pleasure the macro lens gives.

Another cheese and tomato sandwich, the tomato taken from the rapidly dwindling tomato mountain (now just a molehill) made for a tasty lunch.  Mrs Tootlepedal made the part of the crop which was too late to ripen into green tomato chutney this morning and the house was filled with appetising aromas.

After lunch, as the day was still fine, Mrs Tootlepedal and I ventured out for a short walk.  I had hoped that the recent rain would have led to an up-rush of fungi but either we weren’t looking in the right place or there wasn’t one.

Still, the walk along the riverside and back via Gaskell’s was very enjoyable in its own right.  Our way was very nearly blocked by a small landslide on the riverside path….


…and although the light was poor, I thought that the sight of the still upright tree stump which had been carried down onto the path by the mud slide was odd enough to merit a picture.

There were prettier sights to see as we went along.

leaves on beechy plain
A glimpse of autumn…
Stubholm Bank
…but if it wasn’t for the carpet of beech nuts below our feet, it might well have still been summer.
Castle Hill
The hills are brown but the trees are still mostly green
shy rabbit
The only rabbit we saw today.
fungus and lichen
Not the feast of fungus and lichen that we had hoped for.
Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that these are wild privet berries and poisonous.
ivy berries
I think that this is ivy.  It is popular with insects.  I can count three of them.
leaves and berries
I did my best to find some autumn colour

In the evening, Susan drove me to Carlisle to play with our recorder group.  We had a very good evening of playing and the after-tootle biscuits were of a particularly high quality as well so that rounded off the day in fine style.

I didn’t have much time to stare out of the window today so the flying bird of the day is a snatched picture of a chaffinch.

flying chffinch

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27 thoughts on “Fairly fruitless walk

      1. Every time that I think about it, the sadder I get that I didn’t have my phone in my back pocket as I usually have when cycling.

    1. As someone else has pointed out, the coming of the colder weather has slowed the bees down a bit which is an advantage for the macro photographer.

      I did some research into the white rainbow. It is called a fog bow and I found a link to one here It is isn’t quite as brilliant as the one that we saw.

  1. A very pleasing collection of pictures. I’m so glad you managed to record some of the mist. I don’t think I have ever seen a white rainbow and will now be looking out for one. Love the rabbit.

    1. We nearly missed the mist so I was pleased just to catch it as it drifted off. The white rainbow was amazing and I wish that I had had more time to watch it and, of course, that I had had my camera in my pocket.

  2. Only you would call such a great variety of good photos a rather fruitless walk! I’ve never seen a white rainbow either, and probably never will. And to top everything else, you got great macro photos of the bee!

  3. What is a ‘klatch’, or have I not read carefully enough.
    White rainbow? Fantastically CsLewish. I think I might steal that title for a famous book I might one day write. Thanks Mr Tootlepedal for your ongoing encouragement to see the moments before they slip away- your photos are awesome, as Ming might say. Jx

    1. A coffee klatch is a sociable meeting for the purpose of drinking coffee and holding conversation.

      Carpe diem is my catchphrase, one of the few things that I learned in the Latin class at school which has stayed with me.

  4. What a fabulous day all the way around! I would gladly bring some tourist dollars to Langholm if I could get there without having to fly over an ocean. 🙂 I believe I shall dream of a white rainbow tonight — what a wonderful sight that must have been.

  5. Wonderful! This is why your posts brighten up my day. I think carpe diem sums up your philosophy of life so succinctly and accurately and that is why you have been rewarded with the sight of a white rainbow. I agree autumn colour is hard to find this year.

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