Just perfect

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother in NZ.  It shows a fine magnolia in the Auckland Botanical Park.

Auckland Botanical Garden Sept 2014 - 5The temperature had risen a degree or two today so there was no mist and no chance of what I have discovered is called a fog bow today when I went round the morning run with Dropscone.  Still, the added warmth was very welcome and the winds were light so it was a pleasant excursion.

The rest of the day was not so productive as there weren’t many birds to watch on the feeder, the number of flowers to snap in the garden decreases every day and I had a number of useful plans to do necessary things of which none came to fruition.

I took a picture of a chaffinch perching in the plum tree and the contrast between the chaffinch’s plumage and the fading colour of the plum tree leaves at this time of year is one of my favourites.

chaffinch in plum treePoppy addiction struck again.

poppiesThe many marigolds round the edges of the lawns are beginning to fade away but as they go, they provide a fine display of new colours.

marigoldsmarigoldsWhile I was chasing marigolds, I noticed quite  a few walnuts on the ground.  Mrs Tootlepedal has been a bit sniffy about the possibility of finding any ripe enough to eat but closer examination with the nutcrackers showed that she was too pessimistic.

This goes to show what a good summer we had.

I used the very last of our own tomatoes on a final cheese and tomato sandwich for my lunch and then took a stroll round the garden.

nerine berries
The nerines are over but are showing some pretty seeds.
Virginia creeper
The Virginia creeper has got into the act too.

And here and there a stout hearted flower is still in bloom.

rambler rose
Keeping on rambling
A late clematis

All in all, the day drifted away from me but it was by no means over.  For the second time this week, we had tickets for a concert in the Buccleuch Centre.  If our last visit had been satisfactory, this visit was sublime.

We were part of a full house assembled to hear the great Eddi Reader sing for us.  The concert started ominously with an unexpected  warm up act, one of those folk singers who strum furiously and shout at you.  He had some quite interesting lyrics in places but he didn’t touch my emotions at all.

After an interval, the main attraction came on and she was well worth the wait.  The turn lasted for an uninterrupted hour and three quarters and it wasn’t a minute too long.  That alone shows her quality as I usually complain if an act goes on longer than 45 minutes.  Very atypically the sound was both perfectly balanced and not too loud so that every note from every player in the very musical band could be heard.    The band consisted of an accordion, a mandolin, a guitarist and an electric double bass with the singer chiming in from time to time on guitar and concertina.

Eddi herself, who was wearing a fetching red hat of her aunty’s which gave her a wonderfully vivid halo effect when she threw back her head, was in excellent voice.  And what a voice she has. The performance started with an affectionate  imitation of her father singing Mona Lisa in the manner of a pub tenor and ended with a loving recollection of her mother singing Moon River after a brandy or two.  She came from a household full of music.  In between she ranged across the songs of Robert Burns, hits from her days in Fairground Attraction, old Scots songs, La vie en rose in the style of Edith Piaf and songs written by herself and friends.   Each song seemed like a little gem and my only sorrow was the each new song dulled the recollection of the song before which had seemed so memorable when it was sung.

The performance of the whole ensemble was thoroughly professional but intimate and charming at the same time.  There is great pleasure to be had from watching extremely competent people doing something that they enjoy really well and when one of them is singing lovely tuneful songs with great lyrics it is just perfect.

The flying bird of the day is rather humdrum compared with the musical flights of the day but here it is anyway.

flying chaffinch

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24 thoughts on “Just perfect

  1. I like that shot of the bird in the plum tree and the Virginia creeper has a color that I’ve never noticed on any of ours. Judging by the berries it’s much later than ours, too.
    Thanks for the fog bow link in yesterday’s post. It’s too bad you didn’t have your camera for that one!

  2. It will be a grim day when there are no longer any flowers from Mrs. T’s garden, but there’s always next year. I’m glad that you enjoyed the concert, so many bands try to have every one play loader than every one else, and it sounds terrible.

  3. So glad you enjoyed such a wonderful concert. I love your appreciation of the talents of others and how you enjoy things whole-heartedly.

    The chaffinch in the plum tree photo is beautiful and a true testament to the changing of the season. I also loved the orange poppy with its frills and the marigolds.

  4. Eddi Reader is one of my favourites so I’m very jealous. I’m quite jealous of your garden too, it’s still looking lovely.

    On the hacked blog front things are not looking great. I may be able to salvage it but I’ve decided to start over just to be safe. I’ve set up a new blog http://www.iwalkalone.co.uk and will maybe add the best of the things I can salvage as I go along.

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