Easy like Sunday morning

Today’s picture was sent by my Newcastle correspondent and shows her son on an outing to the Soutar Lighthouse near Sunderland which happily coincided with a kite festival.  I would have liked to have been there.

soutar lighthouseMy morning was a bit less exciting.  After a late breakfast, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir and I pedalled the gentle 21 miles to Mosspaul Hotel and back.  A light wind gently pushed me up the hill and didn’t do too much to hinder me on the way back so I was able to achieve a satisfactory but not startling average speed.  I didn’t have to stop too often to try to take a picture of a view as I went along because there were no views available.

FiddletonFortunately it was low cloud rather than mist so visibility at road level was not too bad and the traffic managed to avoid me.

I arrived home  a few minutes after Mrs Tootlepedal and was happy to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee which she had kindly made.  I took a walk round the garden with her and we were able to pick up quite a handful of fallen walnuts.  This is easily the best crop that we have ever had from the tree.

I also took a picture or two as we went round.

hosta and delphinum
Contrasts in blue from hosta and delphinum

Mrs Tootlepedal thinks that the late flower on the hosta may be the result of it being transplanted earlier in the summer.

Special Grandma and the rambler are still doing their best….

rosesBut just to show that not everything is coming up roses, here is a more seasonally appropriate sunflower.

sunflowerWhile we were picking up walnuts, the sharp eyed Mrs Tootlepedal spotted another sign of autumn.

fungusThe tiny fungus was easy to miss.

I went inside to have a relaxing bath and Mrs Tootlepedal continued to work in the garden.  By the time that I got out of the bath, she had cleared off the bed at the end of the drive.

empty bedShe has been very busy in general and when Sandy and I were at Lockerbie yesterday, she installed this handsome home made cover for compost bins C and D.

compost coverYou can see that the compost is working well as this left hand bin is full of stuff from the second half of this summer which  has been recently turned.  I am sure it will do even better under its new lid.

As well as flowers to look at, there were the usual perching birds in the plum tree….

chaffinch…and some unusual ones in the walnut tree.

rooksThey were very vocal but didn’t stay long.

Then it was time to go to Carlisle to combine a little shopping with a choir practice for the Carlisle Community Choir.  Our usual director was absent but his substitute was a very competent young fellow of immense charm and a wonderful tenor voice so we put up with him gladly.  Because we have a number of engagements coming up, we are working very hard and I was pleased to find myself sitting next to a new member of the choir on his first day who turned out to be an excellent music reader and a fine singer.  He was warmly welcomed.

We drove home in warm evening sunshine but the days are already so short that the sun had almost disappeared by the time that we got home.  When we got in, we found that our central heating had disappeared too but we have been able to get an engineer to come tomorrow morning so we hope that it can be easily fixed.

During the day, in a dull moment, I took a couple of pictures to show the windows that I spend so much time staring out of.

The kitchen window with sedum and bird feeder on the left and the sitting room window on the right.

I couldn’t choose between the two flying chaffinch pictures that I took today so in a reckless mood, I have put them both in.


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24 thoughts on “Easy like Sunday morning

  1. The compost bins look very smart, you two are great gardeners. Glad the choir practice was fun, there’s nothing like a good sing, I often let myself go in the hymns at church not caring who is having to listen to me.

    1. You can’t have as I need her myself. Her taste for wood working is very useful. Among other things she made me a beautiful music cabinet many years ago.

  2. I hate to say this, but the Soutar Lighthouse and kites photographed your Newcastle correspondent is my favorite image of the day. The lighthouse looks great, I’ll bet there are some good views from there, and the kites are cool also.

    1. Thank you from the Newcastle correspondent. It was a lucky shot. Poor chap didn’t get his kite any higher than this, although it did some lovely spins. We climbed to the top of the lighthouse, some great views indeed.

  3. I really must get my act together and join a local choir. Your choir experiences are making me yearn to sing again and church isn’t enough. I belonged to a choir until I was expecting my younger daughter but she enjoyed it so much that I had to give up. All the chaffinch photos are equally my favourite.

  4. Good to see your garden views from the inside out as it were.
    Glad the choir was fun and that you have a helpful new tenor addition.

  5. Stellar composition in your guest photo today.

    I’m feeling quite excited because we have contracted with a landscape designer who is currently drawing up plans for our front yard, to create a bird sanctuary and flower garden! I have gotten so much inspiration from your lovely garden.

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