By coincidence, both of my London based sisters sent me pictures of the same art work, ‘The Small Lie’, from the Frieze Art Fair in Regent’s Park and I was faced with the invidious task of choosing between them for the guest picture of the day.  It felt a bit like the judgement of Paris.  This was my sister Susan’s take.

Frieze show sculptureI had that very rare thing, a good night’s sleep last night and the feeling of relaxed drowsiness with which I woke up coloured my whole day.  My idleness was encouraged by grey skies and a very brisk wind which were combined with a tendencyof the clouds to provide a light drizzle if I ventured out any distance.

As a result, I confined myself mostly to the house with a single walk round the garden in the morning and two quick visits to the town in the afternoon.

The wind has changed from the cool easterlies which have been keeping us mainly dry recently to an unseasonably warm (16°C) and boisterous westerly with the promise of rain.  It was pleasant enough to walk in the garden and the flowers were certainly enjoying the warmth but the brisk wind made taking pictures a bit of a lottery and I had to find flowers in sheltered corners.  There are still a lot of clematis out but they are looking rather part worn now.

clematisclematisSpecial Grandma loves the weather…

Special Grandma…but it too is showing sings of wear.

Special GrandmaThe rose Lilian Austin on the other hand looks as good as it did in mid summer….

Lilian Austin….although this is its only flower.

I was able to take a poppy picture because this plant had completely fallen over and the flower was an inch from the ground.

poppyThere are a few phragments of phlox still hanging on…

phlox…and the honeysuckle is providing some unexpected late colour.

honeysuckleI was so surprised to see a bee on our remaining rambler roses that I took a picture of it although the rose was rocking about….

rambler rose with bee…but the bee was so motionless that I don’t think that it was enjoying life much, if at all.

The flowers in the best condition are the Fuchsias.  This is a successful  cutting from the big bush on the back wall of the house.

fuchsiaMrs Tootlepedal went out after lunch to give a lecture on stumpwork to the local branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild as the booked speaker had been unable to come.  She told me that there had been a very good attendance and that she had received kind comments which I could quite believe as her stumpwork is most enjoyable to look at.

While she was out, I walked up to the town (in a shower of rain which started 300 yards after I left the house)  to buy some locally made soap. The soap maker asked if I could supply her shop with some more of our postcards which we sell to raise funds for the Archive Group.  I walked home and then after a decent pause to let the rain go away, I cycled back up with a supply of postcards and combined this with a short shopping trip.  I then cycled home (in some light drizzle) and decided not to go out a again as I was obviously making it rain.

The strong wind and poor light didn’t make for good bird shots so I didn’t spend long looking out of the window.  It was a goldfinch morning…

goldfinchgoldfinches…and a greenfinch afternoon.

greenfinchAfter a week of cycling every day from Sunday to Thursday followed by a good walk in Edinburgh yesterday, my body was very grateful for the quiet day today and even enjoyed being slumped in front of the telly in the evening.

A chaffinch appears as the flying bird of the day,

flying chaffinch

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25 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. I had to laugh at you weather comments. I have felt the same way lately. Every time I step out the door it changes, and not for the better.
    I’ve never heard of that artwork that your sisters sent you photos of but it’s really something!

  2. Nice to hear that the postcards are selling so fine. And as usual, even on a rather dull day you are able to provide us with the lovliest of pictures – Thank you!

  3. I can’t believe there is still so much blooming in your garden. Despite the linger growing season down south all I have to look at are berries and the odd ragged fuchsia and sunflower now. Mrs T has done a marvellous job on your garden.

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