Blown away….and not just by the wind

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone, who took it with his phone while going along a local bike path.  It reflects exactly how much care and respect our council has for this path.

bike pathI surpassed myself today by doing absolutely nothing before lunch except a little flute practice.  In my defence, there was a very stiff breeze blowing outside which would have made cycling hard work if not actually hazardous and as it was coming from the north, it was decidedly chilly as well.   On the plus side, it was cheerfully sunny so it was very pleasant to be able to watch the birds.

The wind made life hard for them too.  Check out the bird landing on the top left feeder perch.

busy feeder crash landingOuch.  You don’t often see a complete missed landing like that.

Not all our goldfinches were well turned out.

scruffy goldfinchNow the leaves are beginning to come of the plum tree, I can see the chaffinches perching there more clearly.

chaffinches perching in plum treeI did take a walk round the garden.  It really was windy….

grass…but I managed to find a few survivors in sheltered spots.

daisy, pansy and petuniaAfter lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal was in a mood for action and I thought that the sunshine was too good to waste, so we muffled up well and went for a walk.

Our route took us up on to the lower slopes of Meikleholm Hill.  Once we had passed through the tunnel…

Meikleholm tunnel…we could look back.  We had just avoided a rain shower.

rain showerOr rather, it had just missed us.

I scanned the golf course but there was no sign of Dropscone.

golf courseAs we walked further up the hill, the town began to sink below the hills.

LangholmI could see the impressive old mill building at the far edge of town in which my recorder playing friend Susan slaves away daily to earn a crust of bread.

waveley millsAhead of us, the ridge of Castle Hill stretched out.

Castle HillAnd soon we were looking up the Esk valley towards Potholm.

PotholmOnce again, I was blown away by how quickly the hills round Langholm let you get up amongst the good views and Mrs Tootlepedal and I enjoyed our walk along the hill before we dropped back down onto the road to walk home.

As we went down the hill, Mrs Tootlepedal spotted some very traditional toadstools on a bank beside the track.

There were other varieties nearby but I was struggling to keep my footing on the steep bank and hold the camera steady at the same time so you will just have to take my word for that.


There was another set a little further down the track.  I shot these with a longer lens from a level surface below!


The Amanita muscaria are obviously popular with some local animal as they were well nibbled.

When we got to Holmwood, Mrs Tootlepedal opted for the direct route home while I took a little diversion across the Castleholm.   I thought that the sunny weather might be the last for a few days.   I walked down through the woods…

Holmwood…crossed the river and got to the Lodge Walks.  It is compulsory to take an autumn picture of the Lodge Walks if you are carrying a camera.

Lodge walksI walked on across the Kilngreen and got a cheerful wave from Mr Grumpy but left him unshot on this occasion as I wanted space for some views.

Looking up the esk
Looking up the Esk
Langholm Bridge
Langholm Bridge, looking into the late afternoon sun…
Langholm Bridge
…and looking back from the other side.

I was quite ready for a cup of tea and two biscuits when I got home.

Already the sun is quite low in the sky by four o’clock and by next week it will be even lower, as the clocks go back this weekend.  I will have to get organised and look sharp, if I want to take pictures after lunch then.

In the evening, Susan took me to Carlisle and we enjoyed a good evening of recorder playing with our group.  In various forms the members of the group have been playing together for the best part of thirty five years now and we are hoping to get the hang of it soon.  Tonight was one of the nights when we think it might be possible.  The biscuits were first class too.

I managed to duck round the many chaffinches to find a goldfinch as flying bird of the day today.

flying goldfinch

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27 thoughts on “Blown away….and not just by the wind

    1. I like autumn more than Mrs Tootlepedal does. It means cross country running and rugby and orienteering to me (in times long past now) as well as the colours but it just means the end of the gardening year to her.

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