Short day, short post

Today’s guest picture is another from my friend Bruce who has been cruising the Black Sea.  He and his wife went to Istanbul one day and paid a visit to the celebrated underground cistern.

istanbulThe older you get, the longer it takes you to get your day re-established once the clocks have changed.  It is easier when the clocks go back but meal and bed times still take a few days to become habitual.  This being the case, I was more than happy to have the excuse of a howling wind and heavy clouds to keep me off the bicycle and let me have a lazy morning of acclimatisation.

It meant that there was nothing to be done photographically other than to venture out into the garden for a moment to pay tribute to a sturdy marigold….

marigold…before hurrying back inside and setting the tripod up at the kitchen window.

I retracted the zoom a little today to give you the fuller picture  (and because the light was very poor for close ups) and here are some of today’s visitors.

A full house of goldfinches coming in and going away.
A  mixed bag
A mixed bag

I cropped a couple of pictures.

chaffinch and goldfinchgoldfinchBut the light didn’t get any better so I retired for a relaxing soak in the bath and then after lunch, we went off for our regular Carlisle choir practice.

We will need some colder weather to bring some different birds into the feeder.  There is plenty of food about out in the country at the moment.

The car got quite a buffeting from the wind as we went down the road but we arrived safely.  The conductor was in a very good mood because of the excellent turnout of singers and he rewarded us with an even more busy and productive practice than usual.

I am getting a bit more confident about singing than I was when I started and I am now able to enjoy the considerable pleasures of singing in harmony with seventy other people without being perpetually worried about singing wrong notes.  I still sing quite a few wrong notes or have to stop singing until I find the right pitch again but these occasions are now the exception rather than the rule.

Tomorrow looks as though it is going to add heavy rain to strong winds so I am not expecting to get much use from my camera for a second day running.  I might have to turn my hand to useful tasks instead.  There is always a first time for anything.

Today’s flying bird is a chaffinch putting the flaps down as it comes into land.  Full frame….


…and cropped

flying chaffinch


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18 thoughts on “Short day, short post

  1. I have often wished I could sing … carry a tune. But alas, I was one of the only children not admitted to grammar school chorus, and they were right.

    1. I think that they were probably wrong but just didn’t have the time or energy that you needed. Apart from a deaf child, I never met a child that couldn’t sing in tune in my whole teaching career. There were one or two that couldn’t be bothered but that is a different story.

  2. I could see from the way the feeders were swinging about in your photos that it was a windy day. Despite the poor light the photographs you took were bright, clear and enjoyable to look at.

  3. Glad that you are enjoying the signing so much and finding it easier to hold your own part – it is much easier singing the top line!

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