Making the best of a bad day

Today’s picture is another from Bruce’s cruise.  He tells me that they were enjoying a drink while taking in this view of the  caldera at Santorini, the site of a massive collapse in the Minoan era which caused a tsunami that may have been responsible for the story of Atlantis, the drowned city.  It looks deceptively peaceful now.

SantoriniWe had nothing to look at in Langholm this morning except pelting rain and the day was so gloomy that you could hardly even see the rain.  You could certainly hear both it and the heavy beating of the gusts of wind that came with it….not to mention the drips coming through our end wall.

I did wrap up well at one point and step out to see what the state of the river was.  It was well up but it wasn’t as exciting photographically as I had secretly hoped.

Esk in autumnThere was almost as much water lying in our drive at home.

Drive puddleWhile I had my umbrella up, I took a picture of a bunch of marigolds just to get a little colour into the day.

marigoldsThe rain kept going and this being the situation, I made the best of it by using my time to put a couple of weeks of the newspaper index into the database and practising some of the skills that the judge at the camera club had been talking about last night.

I even went to the lengths of shooting some of the birds at our feeder using the camera raw format, though whether using the raw format when the ISO is set to 4000 is a sensible thing is another question.

chaffinch approachingThe other point is that I put my pictures on the blog at 800px so the raw format provides me with far more information than I can possibly display and it will really come into its own for prints.  Still, it does leave me to do my own processing instead of relying on the camera’s own program and this provides me with a lot of interest.

People often say, “Oh I never do any of that fiddling about on my computer with my pictures,”  as though there was something a bit naughty about using a photo editor but of course every digital camera that produces jpegs does any amount of fiddling about on behalf of the user.  If they use different settings on their cameras, they are editing the photos whether they know it or not.

Here is another one which I took today where the camera did the decision making before I got to play with it….

flying chaffinch and sparrow…and here is the same shot where I did all the decision making.   (The camera recorded the same shot in jpeg and raw.)

flying chaffinch and sparrowThey may look exactly the same to you but they are subtly different, especially as far as the background goes.  Of course the camera processed shot might still be better than my effort because the processing program in the camera was written by very clever people.

We were visited by Mike Tinker in the afternoon.  He has come back from a holiday on the west coast of Scotland where the weather was uniformly awful for the whole week but he was very cheery all the same.

We became quite cheerful ourselves when we were also visited by our builder who told us that he really is making preparations to sort the famous end wall.

In the evening, the day cleared up remarkably and we even had a brief sunset.

sunsetThe down side of the this was a big drop in temperatures and by the time that Susan came to pick me up to go to Carlisle to play recorders, the temperature had fallen by 10°C since the morning and by the time we came home, it was bumping along at just a degree or two above freezing.  This meant that Susan had to drive in some quite foggy conditions and I was very pleased to be in her car which has good fog lights (and a keen eyed driver).

The recorder playing was most enjoyable, with another fine selection of music, much of it unfamiliar, produced by our librarian Roy from his seemingly inexhaustible supply.

We are promised a sunny day with light winds tomorrow so I am hoping that I won’t wake up to icy roads, as I need to get out on the bike.

Here is another flying chaffinch in the rain to end the post.

flying chaffinch

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26 thoughts on “Making the best of a bad day

  1. Beautiful sunset, and that final bird shot is just really cool – the rain drops and the way the bird is just frozen in time! It was nice seeing a river with water in it, too! Such an uncommon thing for us these days. ~SueBee

  2. My understanding is that you’re better off shooting in raw at high ISO settings, as the noise is better edited out of a raw image than a jpeg.

    Other than the HDR software that I use on occasion, I seldom do any editing other than cropping, so I seldom shoot raw. But, I don’t print any of my photos either, and I can see that raw would be the way to go if I did print them, especially if they were to be entered into a contest.

    I hope that you have better weather and no ice tomorrow!

  3. The second picture in your comparison is better.So far I’ve been able to get along without shooting RAW. The tweaking I do seldom requires anything more than the basics. If I do more printing that may change.

  4. Sorry about all that rain. Here’s hoping that you will have your end wall sorted before too long.
    That was a spectacular sunset.

  5. Yikes – that dratted leaky wall! Didn’t you mention a while ago that you had found a way to repair it, and someone to do the work? Hope it’s completed soon!

  6. Hmmm. Having just come back from a photographic week at Aigas, which was way beyond me though the setting’s gorgeous, I am inspired nevertheless, and I’ll have to spend more time at my bird feeders… With my camera of course. (From a new ‘follower’.)

  7. I am glad the rain eventually stopped as you might have been tempted to start building an ark. The sunset was lovely. I liked the second of the two images best – it was clearer and the rather depressed looking sparrow’s eye could be seen better.

  8. Beautiful sunset photo. I was interested in your thoughts about RAW. I have the capability of shooting either RAW or jpeg on my new camera and have been considering whether or not I want to give it a try. I’ve been reading up about it here and there, so your input was valuable.

    1. The results are definitely better using raw but it does take a bit more time and a lot more space on your cards and computer. Good luck if you try it.

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