Let there be light

The guest picture of the day is a sunrise over the Thames captured by my daughter on her phone while walking to work yesterday.

sunriseOur early morning was not blessed with a cheery sunrise today but as they day went on, the weather got better and better until it got exhausted and burst into tears in the late evening.

Like the weather, I started slowly while Mrs Tootlepedal rushed hither and yon, first to help with recording a reading of our local paper for the blind, then to get a key for the Embroiderers’ Guild meeting tomorrow and finally to go off to Carlisle to catch a train to visit Matilda.  I was worn out just sitting there watching her come and go.

I did look out of the window though.

Goldfinches and chaffinch
A bunch of goldfinches are not very welcoming to a chaffinch

I pulled myself together though after Mrs Tootlepedal left and got the fairly speedy bike out and went for a double ten mile trip to the bottom of Callister and back.  It was warm enough (10°C) and the wind was light enough to make pedalling a pleasure and I idled along searching for interesting things as I went.

The trees  round Wauchope Schoolhouse are disappearing by the day and they have got a tree eating machine on the job now.

Wauchope schoolhouseApart from that, I didn’t see much, though one fungus, the size of a side plate, which was defying the verge trimmers caught my eye.

big fungusBy the time that I got home, the sun had come out and I thought that the brave rose ladies and the hardy marigolds should be celebrated yet again.

rose and marigoldAs you can see, there were even a few flies about.  There is a last touch of blue left….

delphinium…and a touch of non floral colour too…

leaves in garden…but we really are very nearly at the end of the road.

I went inside to have a cup of coffee and a go at the crossword and managed to click the remote for the camera which was standing at the window from time to time. The increasing sunshine had not been matched by any increase in affability among the avian fraternity.

goldfinch and chaffinchchaffinches sparring…although a little blue tit did find a moment to sneak in for a seed.

blue titAfter lunch I was visited by Gavin.  He has a laptop so refined and thin that it doesn’t have a VGA port which means that he can’t use it with a digital projector without purchasing an additional lead, costing about £8 an inch.  He was hoping to borrow one of my clunky laptops to show a Power Point presentation on Monday but as I don’t have Microsoft Office (Bill Gates is already rich enough) on my computer, I wasn’t able to help him.  Luckily Mike Tinker had both the computer and the software to help out and I will be able to watch the presentation when I go to the launch of the new Langholm Walks Portfolio on Monday.

After Gavin left, I got out the slow bike and two cameras and went on a little tour to take advantage of the sunny afternoon.

I started at the Kilngreen where I was hoping to see Mr Grumpy.  He was on other business and I had to make do with the resident ducks and gulls.

mallardblack headed gullI pedalled on over the sawmill bridge and stopped at the start of the Lodge Walks.  The disused episcopal church was looking very charming.

Episcopal church…and the Lodge Walks didn’t look too bad either.

Lodge WalksA short way along, I stopped to take a picture of a striking fungus in a fissure in the bark of a tall conifer.

fungusThe second picture is of a fungus that was in a similar fissure but round the back on the shady side of the tree.

I cycled round the perimeter of the Castleholm without seeing too much although I liked this small toadstool growing out of a mossy branch beside the river…

toadstool…and this one growing out of a hole in a tree trunk.

tree fungusI pedalled past the Jubilee Bridge and round the new path past the castle.  Two tiny fungi at a log used as a bench were all I had to show for this part of the trip.

fungi on logAll the way round, I had had plenty of opportunity to enjoy the views…..

Whita Hill…so I felt that the time taken to do my three miles of pedalling had been time well spent.

Although it was barely four o’clock by the time that I got home, the light was already gone and I put the cameras away.

I had to keep a close watch on my watch because I was due to catch a bus to Carlisle where I would meet Mrs Tootlepedal off a train.   I managed to present myself at the bus stop in plenty of time and was there at the station to meet the returning grandmother.

We had an appointment with a choir practice for a massed choir event in Carlisle next weekend but had left enough time for a quick meal at an Italian restaurant near the station first.  The food was good and the practice was useful but we were still pleased to arrive home at the end of quite  a busy day for both of us.

The flying bird of the day is another of the Kilngreen black headed gulls.

black headed gull

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29 thoughts on “Let there be light

  1. I enjoyed looking at these photos especially the duck (the water has lovely patterns on it) and the little white toadstool on the mossy log. I am pleased your bus arrived on time to take you to Carlisle and that your choir practice went well.

  2. I think the fungi on the pine tree are tinder fungi (Fomes fomentarius.) Pieces of these mushrooms were and are used to start fires and the 5000 year old “Ice Man” mummy was found to be carrying them when he was discovered in the Ötztal Alps.
    I like the shots of the duck and gulls.

  3. Don’t much care for that tree eating machine 😦 Why are they cutting down the trees? Your bird pictures today are spectacular, and I really do love that little toadstool that looks like a fairy should be nearby!

  4. Your bird photos shot using the tripod are getting better all the time, and I really liked all the photos that you shot during your short bike ride, especially the mallard!

    1. My days are never quite as busy as they look because I forget about the times when I am doing nothing but this was a good day to be out and about.

  5. Lovely sunrise picture to start with.
    There seems plenty of colour left in your garden.
    Great flying bird of the day photograph

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