Back again

Today’s guest picture is another of my sister Mary’s lovely views of Regent’s Park.

Regent's Park 01.11.14 001The days seem to be getting shorter from a photographic point of view more quickly than I remember but this may be because with increasing age, I get up later on a chilly morning.  It wouldn’t have made much difference today as it was very misty….

misty morning…and decidedly chilly as well.

Dropscone has returned from a holiday in the south but had to hang about to get his car fixed as it had an oil pressure warning light on.  As a result, we met for early coffee and a treacle scone or two before I went on my bike for a solo pedal to Gair and back.

It was still only a shivery 4.7°C when I set off but I had put my leg warmers on for the first time this autumn and a watery sun came out so it wasn’t too bad.  Things were helped by a light wind which didn’t noticeably add to the chill factor.

As a result of the late start and a genteel pace in the pedalling, it was lunch time by the time that I got home and I only had time for a quick look round the garden….

The marigolds are our last serious colour source now and they are passing their peak.
…although the astrantias are still doing their best in a subdued sort of way.

…before going off to the Buccleuch Centre to an event to celebrate the launching of the new Langholm Walks guides.  These are packages of fourteen single sheets rather than a leaflet, with each walk having its own sheet with a description and a detailed OS map on it so it can be taken separately on an outing.  I think that this is a good idea but it does mean that the packages are more expensive than the old leaflets so I hope walkers appreciate their value.

By the time we got home, the light was already  fading fast and there was nothing to do but to practise my flute a little and sit down and groan a lot as my back has gone again.  In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have cycled this morning but hindsight is much more common than foresight where my back is concerned.

I did manage to take a couple of pictures when I was cycling, although getting on and off the bike was such an awkward business that I wasn’t encouraged to take any more.

On my way out, I checked out the bright red toadstools in the wood.

They were thriving in spite of obviously being very appetising.

And on my way back, I saw a new clump of brown fungus.

brown fungiFungus springs up amazingly quickly.  There was no sign of these when I passed two days ago.

I also had the camera on its tripod while I was sipping coffee with Dropscone and caught a bird or two flying in low in the misty gloom….both a male…

chaffinch…and a female chaffinch.

chaffinchIn the early evening my flute pupil Luke came and we resumed our battle with counting.  The notes, sharp, flat and natural are no problem to him and his fingering is generally very secure but making sure that there are the right number of beats in each bar is harder work.  We will get there.

After tea, I went across to Newcastleton with Sandy for a lecture on HDR photography at the Liddesdale Camera Club.  I only use HDR techniques occasionally but it was an interesting lecture all the same as the lecturer showed us many tools on Photoshop which I have not used to their full extent so far.  I hope to use them more in the future when I have views to put on the blog without going to the extremes that can make HDR processed pictures look rather mechanical.

Some people frown on any image processing but these are often people who live in places with reliable sunshine and lots of good light (or sometimes people who simply don’t know how to use computers).  I find image processing interesting and fun and I live in a gloomy country so I do it all the time.

Today’s (lightly processed) flying bird is a chaffinch (there’s a surprise).


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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

23 thoughts on “Back again

  1. I shoot in RAW mode to give me more latitude and be able to adjust the exposures in case of dark days or shooting at odd hours (Early morning or dusk) 🙂

  2. As some one who was opposed to post-processing until recently, I have to say that your photos have always looked natural, even when I knew that you had edited them.
    Look after that back, they can replace knees that are worn out, but not backs.

  3. Sorry about your back, hope it improves quickly. Poor Luke with no clock in his head, it makes playing music much more difficult. Good luck teaching him to have one.

  4. Sympathies re your bad back. Hope it gets better soon.
    Glad you enjoyed the Camera Club meeting. Those red toadstools are amazing.

  5. Sorry to hear your back is giving you trouble again. The wet weather can’t be helping. I’m with you on the processing. I don’t to a great deal but sometimes it’s necessary to add a little light and sharpness, especially at this time of year. I do use HDR but always keep both shots. Often the non HDR shot is the best, sometimes not. It seems to do best with the sky as far as I can tell.

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