Another pedal, another song

We need brightening up as winter closes in here so today’s cheery picture was taken by my brother in Sydney on his travels.

SydneyIt was dry and fairly bright again this morning and the temperature had hit 6.5C by the time I had finished making a lamb stew for the slow cooker.

After I had finished the cooking, I had a quick look out of the window to see of there were any flying birds about.

flying birdsThere were a few.

And one perching bird too.

robinMy knee and back had both suffered from having to stand around too long yesterday so I needed a bit of tender care from Dr Velo to get me functioning properly again. I cleaned and oiled my chain, put on several layers and set off for a quiet Sunday run up the A7 to Mosspaul and back.

Dr Velo worked the accustomed magic and I was soon pedalling gently along, pretty well pain free.  I felt able to stop to take some pictures which will perhaps show why I like to cycle up the Ewes valley.

Ewes valleyThe road runs up the west side of the valley with a ridge of rolling hills along its length.  On the east side of the road, the Ewes Water flows along through a flat valley bottom with some slightly more rugged hills behind.

Ewes valleyThis valley would be a photographer’s paradise if it wasn’t for the large row of pylons striding straight down the middle of it and intruding into almost every shot across the river.

Every break in the hills on the west side of the road has a farm tucked into it.

Ewes valleyEwes valleyOn the east side, the farmhouses sit on the valley floor.

Ewes valleyThe valley is only eight miles in length and the hills get a bit more dramatic at the top end.

Ewes valleyHere the road leaves the valley floor and winds up a very narrow glen (with pylons)….

Mosspaul…until it opens out to the watershed between the Irish and the North Seas.  When I got there today, it was rather gloomy.

MosspaulI turned for home and as I pedalled back down the hill to Langholm, the valley started to fill with mist and by the time I arrived back, the best of the sunshine had gone and it was a rather grey day.

From a cycling point of view this ride took me over 4900 miles for the year and as my target for the whole year is 5000 miles, this was very satisfactory.   Because of my forthcoming knee operation, I may not have time to finish the last 100 miles but with six weeks still to go, I feel that I have done as well I as could have expected this year.

Mrs Tootlepedal was not at her peak with her persistent cold and so she spent most of the day tucked up in bed.  I brought her up a modest lunch and then set off to Carlisle for our regular Sunday afternoon practice.  After the hard work at the concert yesterday, both singers and conductor were a little subdued today but there was a pretty good attendance and we got through some hard work all the same.

The lamb stew turned out very well. The meat had had plenty of fat on it and the result was very tasty.  We are so used to being sold very lean meat these days that it made a pleasant change.

The flying bird of the day is yet another chaffinch.  This picture was taken in the dull light of the misty early afternoon.


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33 thoughts on “Another pedal, another song

  1. Mrs T’s cold appears to be a very bad one. I hope she gets better soon. I am pleased you were able to have pleasant cycle before the gloomy weather spoilt your lovely views. The flying bird of the day is very good.

  2. I’m glad to see that Ewes Valley lives up to its name. The day clearly had a theme. (You didn’t sing ‘All we like sheep ‘by any chance, did you?)

  3. I am behind on my reading, having been away from home AND without internet service..
    As always, I enjoyed your photos, and that first pop of color from your guest photo was very nice. There is a foot of snow here, and as is our November, we are experiencing our first days with sub-zero temps. The difference between above zero and below zero temperatures is quickly felt on any exposed skin. We did hit -18 two nights ago. I always try to see the bright side, and that would be the Northern Lights this time of year.
    Well wishes for Mrs. Tootlepedal 🙂

  4. The Ewes Valley is wonderful, I can see why it is one of your favorite pedals! You’ll make your 5,000 miles for the year, I’m sure of it. Since you’re getting a new knee, you may as well use the old one up.;)

  5. Best wishes to Mrs T, I hope a day in bed did the trick. The lamb stew sounds delicious, good for colds I am sure. Glad the cycling helped your aching bones, I am certain that you will make the 5,000 miles. Loved the robin.

  6. Lovely views, and a great shot of the robin.
    Sympathies to Mrs T and do hope she will get rid of that cold soon.
    Congratulations on nearly reaching your riding target already.

  7. We have a lot of pylons messing up the countryside here too but I suppose, without them, we’d have no electricity to take and post pictures and moans about them. Another of my bug bears is the telephone lines that mess up the views in the city. You’d think there’d be a better way. I hope your lamb stew perked Mrs T up.

  8. The lovely green scenery in your pics is soothing to me at the moment during our dry spring. Winter and spring are very dry here. The garden is suffering as we have water restrictions. In summer, cyclones from up north bring our heaviest rain, and afternoon storms are frequent. That is when the garden turns into a jungle!

    I’m very impressed by your birds in flight pics. I am rarely able to get shots like that. It’s a pleasure to be able to see bird movements captured in this way. Thanks for sharing these.

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