Up and running again…..well, walking again to be more accurate.

Today’s guest picture comes from a walk that my daughter Annie took in the Chilterns earlier this month, just to show that they have good views in England too.

chiltern view

I should start by saying a warm thank you to all those who wished me happy birthday and to those who have offered their hopes of a speedy recovery from my bug.  Their wishes and hopes have been fulfilled.

I had a really good night’s sleep which helped me to feel a lot better when I woke up this morning but having eaten no more than a single slice of toast and a handful of dates yesterday, I was still feeling a bit peely-wally in the morning and was happy to sit quietly until Dropscone appeared bearing a nutritious scone to have with our coffee.

I did look out of the window before he came and was pleased to see a great tit back on the feeder.

chaffinch and great tit
The chaffinch looked a little more dubious about it though.

While we were sipping our coffee, my friend Bruce rang up and suggested that I look out of the window at Whita Hill behind the house.

Whita HillI think the the line of mist had thinned out slightly in the time it took me to pick up the camera and climb the stairs.

After coffee, I took a quick walk round the garden and was pleased to find a fine crop of home grown fungus on a tree stump on the edge of our drying green.

I am trying to use my fungus book and considered Hypholoma fasciculare as a suggestion. I am always ready to be proved wrong.

There is a regular robin coming to the feeder but it ainvariably waits until I have not got a camera to hand before it arrives and leaves as soon as I pick one up.  I had to make do with a goldfinch….

goldfinch….who was soon joined by a friend, and blue tit and a greenfinch….

goldfinch and greenfinch…until a small group of greenfinches claimed the feeder for themselves.

greenfinchesThe greenfinches left as suddenly as they arrived and I put down the camera and made some healthy broth for our lunch.

We had been promised a frosty morning but it was above freezing when I woke up and it was a pleasant sunny day by the the early afternoon.  I did think of a little cycle ride but decided that a short walk was more sensible so I set out to see if some exercise would turn out to be a good idea.

It was.  I felt better for the walk and as always, enjoyed the chance to take a few pictures as I toddled along.

fungus lichen
The fungus was fading but the lichen was very vibrant.

I went down to the Becks burn through the woods.

WoodThe old wall in the middle of the trees is a pointer to how many of the woods round Langholm are fairly recent commercial plantations.

Coming out of the woods on the Hallcrofts road, I thought that the time was right for a gnarly tree shot….

tree…pondered on the very interesting question of why one fence post should have a small mushroom crop on it….

fence posts…while one a few yards away should be absolutely smothered in moss….

Whita…and enjoyed a view of Whita looking very different from the morning when it was wreathed in mist.

I was watched with interest by two horses, one on each side of the Becks Burn valley.

horsesAs I walked down towards the Wauchope road, there was a contrast in the light as I looked back towards the Old Stane Brig….

Auld Stane Brig….and forwards towards Wauchope churchyard….

Wauchope road….but both views were equally agreeable.

Although it was very quiet at ground level, a glance at the skies above were a reminder that we live under a very busy air route…

con trails…with planes going in all directions.

I was pleased to see that one of the fungi that I had photographed on my last walk down the road had survived the chilly morning.

fungusSearching through my little book of toadstools, I wondered whether this might be a Clitocybe infundibuliformis.

When I got home, I took a shot of the front lawn to show that we are now almost wholly dependant on the golden box balls for some brightness.

front lawnWe are still a month away from the shortest day but it looked pretty gloomy at quarter past three, even on a fine afternoon.  You have to be out quickly with the camera after lunch these days or the light has flown.

I should have had an afternoon of flute playing with Mile and Isabel, an evening flute lesson with Luke and a visit to the Liddesdale Camera Club with Sandy in the evening but I was anxious not to pass my bug onto anyone else so I kept myself to myself and stayed in.

My son Tony rang from Edinburgh in the evening to say that he too and his some of his family and workmates had been laid low by the bug and my Newcastle correspondent tells me that her family have been victims as well so I think we can safely say, in the phrase much loved by Langholmites, “There’s been a lot  of it going about.”

The other phone call I received was from the hospital inviting me to visit them on Sunday to get my new knee.  I was surprised that they have got an operating list for a Sunday and just hope that surgeon is not too upset at missing his golf when he is working on me.

I hope to be fully back to normal health tomorrow and might even be considering a gentle pedal.

In spite of the visiting greenfinches, the flying bird of the day is a chaffinch who arrived with some decent light.


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23 thoughts on “Up and running again…..well, walking again to be more accurate.

  1. You can see so much beauty in a short walk. Bridges, woods, gnarly tree, moss. All so lovely. And wow, so soon for the knee! Glad your recuperating time will come on the short days.

  2. Glad you’re on the mend – now that you have a surgery date (yippee!), you’ll have to stay in a bubble so you don’t have another run-in with a nasty bug! The photo looking towards Wauchope churchyard is absolutely lovely – another shot that makes me want to walk down that road myself.

  3. I’m glad the bug wasn’t too serious. I’m not sure that I’ve ever met them in person but your identification of the Hypholoma fasciculare seems like a good one. That’s a beautiful lichen!
    If you ever find out why moss grows on one fencepost and fungi on the other I hope you’ll let me know. There can’t be any difference in light or moisture levels between the two and even the species of wood must be the same.
    The landscapes are excellent as always, especially the lone tree.

    1. The fence post conundrum really makes me wish that I had been educated as a scientist which is what I wanted. I let myself be persuaded into the Latin and Greek instead.

  4. Hooray both on the departure of your bug and the arrival of your op date. You were right, the timing was perfect for a gnarly tree shot. It was very much appreciated.

  5. Please keep that nasty bug up north – I don’t want it anywhere near me! Pleased you are feeling better and that you have a date for your operation. The sights you saw on your walk were splendid as were the photos of your birds.

  6. Glad you are feeling better, hope you continue to improve. So pleased to hear you have the date for your operation, have put it in my diary. The mist hiding the monument was very striking as was the gnarly tree.

  7. Very glad you are feeling better. Lovely pictures taken on your walk.
    Delighted to hear you have a date for the knee operation.

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