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Today’s guest picture shows the Roman theatre in Lecce, a town deep in the ‘heel’ of Italy.  It was taken by my peripatetic brother who is touring there with his wife.

Lecce roman theatreMy brother is getting the best of the weather as it was another chilly, drizzly day here today with not a glimpse of the sun at all.

Upstairs, Mrs Tootlepedal was steadily recovering from her bug attack and I was able to bring her small treats such as a cup of tea or a slice of toast and marmite (with the crusts cut off) from time to time.  As it was her birthday, these were not quite the treats she might have expected but she received them with a good grace and by the late afternoon, she was able to get up and do some light knitting.

I lurked downstairs, reading the newspapers, doing the crossword, answering the phone to family who wished to offer Mrs Tootlepedal birthday greetings and occasionally clicking on the camera remote control.

There were plenty of chaffinches as usual.  Here’s a crowd perching in the plum tree….

chaffinches…..before heading for the feeder.

chaffinchesIn search of a bit of avian variety, I put the crusts that I had cut off the toast out onto the lawn and it wasn’t long before a gang of jackdaws arrived to pick them up.

They were putting their best foot forward.
The lucky ones got a hard stare from those too late to join in.
The blackbirds were far too slow off the mark and all the bread was gone before they got there.

After lunch, the weather brightened up or at least it stopped raining and since Mrs Tootlepedal was resting quietly, I drove the car up to the White Yett and walked up the track on Whita to the monument.  It was a very gloomy day and the far hills were covered in clouds.

Ewes in cloudThere were some brighter spots beside the track though.  The lichens are enjoying the present spell of weather a lot.

lichensThey repaid a closer look.

lichensIn spite of the grey day, there was still a bit of colour  on the slopes of the hills round the town…

Hills…and the town itself looked very snug, tucked into its valleys below.

LangholmI didn’t see another soul on my walk but I did see and hear quite a lot of grouse on the hillside.  They have been very scarce in recent years and a lot of money has been poured into a project to raise their numbers so it does look as though some small progress at least is being made.

As I walked up the track, another little burst of colour caught my eye.

thistleA thistle was flourishing very late in the year indeed.

At the top of the hill, I stopped long enough to admire more lichen on the wall behind the monument.  There were lots of different sorts in a small area.

wall lichenThe monument itself had a rather more delicate but artistic display beside its lightning conductor.

Monument lichenIt was chilly up there and the rain didn’t look far away so I limped back down the track.  It is much harder walking downhill than it is going uphill at the moment.

I rested my knee for a moment beside some more gaily coloured boulders…

Lichen boulders…and took a picture of a gate for readers who have been wondering where all the gates have gone recently.

Whita gatePocketcam was doing sterling work in very poor light but by the time that I got home, it was almost dark although it was only three o’clock so that ended my photographic day.  Still, as I say, things were cheered up a lot by the arrival downstairs of Mrs Tootlepedal in time for afternoon tea.

I made Mrs Tootlepedal some delicious birthday semolina for her evening meal and then went off to a Langholm Sings choir practice.  Once again this was well organised and we did a lot of work and I shall be sorry to miss their forthcoming Christmas concerts.  I am hoping that Mrs Tootlepedal will be able to go and sing with them.

The flying bird of the day is a goldfinch.


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23 thoughts on “All up

  1. We had the pleasure of sitting in that Roman Theatre in Lecce 2 years ago and your brothers photograph brought back some very happy memories. It is a spectacular place.

  2. Very glad to learn that Mrs T is well on the way to recovery. What rotten luck on top of her cough.
    I’m coming to the end of a very enjoyable and intensely cultural two days chez your sister and return to the West tomorrow.

  3. Glad Mrs. T. is on the mend – chuckled at the reference to “light knitting”! Also enjoyed the shot of the strutting jackdaw – he looks very determined (or is it a she? – I know nothing about jackdaws).

  4. I’ve never seen light like that in your brother’s photo. It’s really different from what we have here.
    I’ve also never seen a lichen like that one with the glossy black apothecia. It’s a beautiful thing and the others are far more colorful that ours.
    I like the views from the hill even if it was cloudy. Seeing the lichens must have made it worthwhile.
    I’m glad Mrs. T is on the mend.

  5. Very impressive thistle.
    I am glad Mrs T was on the mend, and hope that she had a reasonably enjoyable birthday in the circumstances.

  6. Please add my belated happy birthday wishes for Mrs. T. to the list, it’s good to hear that she’s feeling better.

    The marching jackdaw looks very determined to be first in line for food.

    Loved the lichens and your landscapes with the subdued colors of early winter. I’ll miss seeing the Scottish countryside while you’re laid up with your new knee.

  7. Happy birthday for yesterday to Mrs T and I am pleased that she is improving in health. My knees are arthritic and downhill is very difficult, I agree. Beautiful lichens and I loved the jackdaws.

    1. I hope that you will not be too disappointed next week as I am going to hospital and there will be no birds for a day or two but welcome for now at least.

  8. Please add our birthday wishes to Mrs T’s list.
    I’m intrigued by the jackdaw (a quick google tells me we don’t have them here in NZ), it looks like the John Cleese of the bird world.

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